2020 Headline: The Denver Broncos will play Tomorrow with 0 quarterbacks.

Unfortunately for NFL fans, the league is not being run quite as well as the NBA this past season, which reported zero Covid-19 infections throughout the entire bubble lifespan. And now, several weeks in, it’s about time things start getting wonky.

You would think that a multi-billion dollar franchise would have enough common sense to separate at least one quarterback from the rest as a failsafe should there be a positive among one of them. Nope. Broncos QB Jeff Driskel tested positive for the Coronavirus, followed by the 3 remaining QB’s on the depth chart-Blake Bortles, Drew Locke, and Brett Rypien, all not wearing masks and being deemed close contact risks. Seriously demoralizing knowing that these are the people making more money in a week than you will in your entire life. The rules state that somebody MUST stand behind center and take the snap, and according to Ralph Vacchiano, it may be RB Royce Freeman. According to rookie receiver Jerry Jeudy, he may also have to take some snaps at QB.

Really rough scene for the guy who just lost their playoff spot to Tight End/Quarterback Taysom Hill, now deal with QB Royce Freeman in your mouth. Oh brother somebody phone in Tim Tebow the Broncos need God.

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