5 Reasons Lakers-Nets is the Rivalry of the Year

Every year there is a rivalry that the NBA loves to throw on primetime every year. We had gotten so used to seeing Warriors - Cavs that many people forgot that it only takes one or two free agency moves to heat up a must-watch matchup. After this year's offseason I think there is a clear cut rivalry on the horizon..

These offseason moves now added Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony to the Lakers to play alongside Lebron James and AD while the Nets kept their newfound "Big 3" of Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, and James Harden. The names alone make it seem like a dangerous game and the NBA hopped on that immediately knowing it will be a highly watched game:

Christmas Matchup.. Sign me up. These mixtures of players have so many different story lines that will add to this rivalry, so I figured in light of this news I will break down 5 separate player beefs that we all look forward to playing out during their matchup.

  1. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook

This rivalry dates back to after KD left the Thunder the year after going up 3-1 on the Warriors. We all know that KD went on to get his first ring with the already stacked Warriors, while Russell Westbrook was not able to win alone and has hopped around since.

2. Lebron James and Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant and Lebron have been the top two players for year sand the rivalry is a well know beef. KD was always chasing Lebron and was vocal for years about his disliking for being called "Number 2." Lebron was unhappy as well when KD joined the Warriors super team to take him down. These two will be the top of each of their respected teams and will do what they can to prove one is better than the other.

3. Lebron James and Kyrie Irving

These two very well could be my favorite rivalry. Kyrie was an upcoming star before Lebron came into Cleveland and the two of them helped give the city its first Championship. Lebron seemed to always get the credit, to Kyrie's disliking, even though the all star point guard hit the game winning three pointer. The two went separate ways and now have a rough relationship. The best way to describe it could be like Kyrie as the bitter ex. Even gives Kobe Bryant and Shaq vibes.

4. James Harden and Russell Westbrook

These two were previously teammates not only once but twice. They started on the Thunder together and eventually came back together with the Rockets. The one year Rockets experiment did not go well and Russ was shipped off. The two definitely do not have as heated of a rivalry as the previous three, but in any other situation this matchup would get views alone. They often argued when paired in the backcourt, but now need to guard one another.

5. Kevin Durant Carmelo Anthony

These two are a dark horse for a fight breaking out. They may not a well known rivalry, but they are not particularly liking of one another.

Melo rides for his guys and if KD and Lebron start arguing, Melo will be quick to hop right in and get up in Durant's grill. This will be exciting for me especially, as a Knick fan because I am a Melo supporter and I love to see him get physical instead of staying along the three point line.

This is going to a ridiculously fun matchup to watch, so props to the NBA for getting this done. Christmas time watching this with a glass of eggnog and in an ugly sweater. Sign me up.

Also, in case you forgot. Anthony Davis is also a Laker and not a guy to mess with. Maybe a newfound rivalry between himself and Blake Griffin could start up..

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