Aaron Rodgers is a Bigger Fraud Than Robinhood

While all the hype this week has been about GameStop and AMC and a lot of stuff most of you probably just learned about in a YouTube video, one man has taken advantage of this craze to hide in the shadows, avoiding so much warranted scrutiny.

That man is Aaron Rodgers. The Fraud struck again this past Sunday, delivering one of his most predictable NFC championship meltdowns yet. There's no more excuses to be made for this guy. He's lost the past four NFC Title games he's been to, and still couldn't win this one despite his defense picking off the greatest quarterback of all time, Tom Brady, three times. In those three extra possessions his defense gifted him, Rodgers only managed a total of six points, and failed to record a positive yard on the drives after the two fourth quarter picks from Brady. Green Bay did all it could defensively, but Rodgers let them down again, and it's happened before too.

In the 2014 NFC Championship, his defense picked off Russel Wilson four times and recovered a Doug Baldwin fumble, yet Rodgers somehow couldn't win the game even though his defense came up with five turnovers. If he's really so good, how come he comes up short time and time again in the biggest games of his life? I really don't care if he throws a Hail Mary against the Lions every two years, he's a fraud and it's time for people to realize. He lost to the Seahawks in the NFC Championship that Brady ended up beating, he got killed by the Falcons team in the NFC Championship who went on to lose to Tom Brady, then got blown out again by the Niners team who lost to Mahomes, and now fast forward to his latest loss, the Buccaneers and Tom Brady. Rodgers can't win the big game against other great quarterbacks, and by the looks of it most of the time he can't even get there. Brady had to come to his conference for them to finally meet in a playoff game, came to his field, and still beat him.

Aaron Rodgers is a joke of a superstar whose career is actually laughable. One of the most talented quarterbacks ever yet a shoe in to fail in the playoffs year after year, it's honestly impressive and we shouldn't take it for granted. For his own good he should retire as soon as he can because as long as Brady is in his conference, Rodgers' track record is only going to get worse.

I've been on the Fraud Rodgers train for a long time, and it's time for you all to join me. He's not actually a good quarterback, he's been fooling us for years and won't get away with it this time.

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