Aaron Rodgers is Hosting Jeopardy Now

In recent irrelevant news, Adam Schefter tweeted today that NFL Star and Green Bay Packers Quarterback will be hosting Jeoprady from April 5th to April 12th.

Now I don't know if anyone really gives a shit, or if anyone actually watches the show since Alex Trebek died (RIP), but I guess this a perfect fit for Rogers, a dude whose so mildly funny I wouldn't be surprised if they kept him their permanently.

Although this is surely life changing news for Aaron, it begs the question, 'What the fuck are you doing??'. If I remember correctly the Green Bay Packers lost in the NFC Championship after Aaron Rodgers shit the bed, and their coaching staff absolutely sucked nuts in the 4th quarter. The Bucs, who they lost to in that game, then went on to beat the Chiefs in the Super Bowl, which lead to one of the most infamous Championship celebrations of all-time, as well as giving Brady his 7th ring, and even more motivation to keep playing.

Now, reasonable people after seeing this would be depressed for about three weeks, and than just get back to work so that you won't lose to those guys again, but not Aaron Rodgers. Instead, the three time MVP and one time super Champion decided, ya know what I am going to write shitty jokes on a TV show for boring people and patients on their deathbed. I mean seriously, while Brady is throwing darts to Gronk and Mike Evans on a Miami Beach, going for a swim, than going back home to have sex with his super model wife, Aaron Rodgers the supposed most talented quarterback we have ever seen is seriously going to host jeopardy?

For those of you who think I am just talking shit, here's what Aaron could be doing better with his offseason:

1) Training

2) Recruiting slept on Free Agents

3) Scouting with his coaches

4) Reconnecting with his distraught family

5) Doing Charitable Acts

6) Rekindling his relationship with NASCAR Driver Danica Patrick and having sex in her race car

7) Learning how to chug a beer from Bakhtiri (His LT)

... The list goes on.

In what has been a long love hate relationship with Rodgers, today is the day I re-declare my hatred for him. He may have proved me right when I called him winning MVP last year, as well as being a part of my winning Fantasy Football season, but his inability to show any desire to get to/win the big game leaves me no choice. Fuck. That. Guy.