Aliens Exist... What does this mean for the future

**** Disclaimer: I am no future teller, I am just a guy who likes to pretend like he knows things and talk way too much and often so that when I say things someone may think "wow that guy had a lot to say, he's smart," when really I am just a normally educated dude, with weird opinions

There are a few things that are important about the announcements from that dude who says he knows things about aliens: First: a galactic federation exists, Second: every country is "united" in how they are approaching space and other life forms, Third: Aliens don't think "humans are ready" for them to be presented to us. Now lets get into my theories.

First off, what if aliens existed in Egypt. It certainly is a popular theory but explain this image... how the fuck do people have skulls like that??? It is said that Egyptians worshipped pharaohs and other leaders as gods and consistently painted them. Now, as the narcissists we all currently are, we just think those paintings are dumb and they were trying to draw a cool picture of a human, or a praise worthy image of a pharaoh or respected person in government. Well I would like to say this, the Egyptians were not dumb, some of the most impressive technological advancements came from that era. So, here is what I am theorizing: What if the people with the skulls like this WERE THE ALIENS, or outer world beings and all of those statues and paintings drawn actually happened/are based on true events/people. It would explain their art and how precise things like granite (which today need to be carved with diamond machinery saws) are so precise, it would also explain the pyramids, and the advancements in science mathematics and astrology.

I also believe aliens have worked with more modernized humans before. I think the Germans worked with Aliens to take over the world, which would explain their advanced technology, genius scientists and hidden labs (in Antartica). Also there's a rumor going around that Germany had a base on the moon at the time, and secret space programs. Now I know what you are thinking: 'This guy watches way too many YouTube conspiracy videos', and to that I give the simple answer: other than watch sports that's practically all I do and I pride myself on it.

Next is China. China has fully infrastructured cities worth trillions of dollars where no one lives, meanwhile half their population lives in one area where polution and overpopulation got so bad they were wearing masks before it became socially acceptable. Whats that? My theory you ask? The Chinese are currently working with the Aliens as we speak, they get space info and technology and maybe even secret alien special agents (would make for a great movie) and in return when the evil aliens come down to earth to skull fuck us China allows them to live on that land as well as team up with them in an epic War of the Worlds type of world war. AKA, WWIII

Lastly, Aliens are living among us, there are videos of secret service agents having morphed faces, and suspicious people with no identity at important places such as the UN. Also another theory I have is Elon Musk knows something that we don't and it may just be because he is the worlds most famous alien, pretending to be a super smart human when really he's just an average alien flexing his outter world knowledge of space and science.

To conclude what I was trying to say:

The Good Aliens have worked with the Egyptians, for the betterment of society (a lot of technological and societal advancements come from the golden age of Egypt)

The Bad Aliens worked with Germany to almost destroy the world and take over all power (big time power move if we are being objective here).

Next, more Bad Aliens are currently working with China somehow someway. I don't really know how or why, but I do know one thing for sure. If the aliens pull up and tell us they are living here, China is totally letting them live in those empty fuckin cities.

What this means:

Overall we are fucked. Whether it be the impending space race to mars, the probable cyber war going on, or the fact that the Chinese are (fuck it I am gonna say it) conspiring with aliens to take over the human race.

Lastly, and probably the most depressing, I truly feel that all the work people are doing right now will not matter in ten years. When people are living on space and the aliens have come to fuck shit up I promise you your communications degree or business Masters degree isn't gonna save you and the aliens won't care what you specialize in, you work for them now or die because they just copped our planet.

**** Finale Note: We may also live in a simulation, where we are all reborn when we die at this exact point and given the same exact scenarios, but when we make different decisions everything changes. Certain pathways lead to the demise of the world where we would have to restart, and others could lead to the golden age of society, regardless we keep running through the same scenarios on a loop till the end of time. Which begs the question: are we all in hell right now living our lives on this shitty non complex planet for something we fucked up in our real life outside the simulation, which God created as punishment for all the fuck ups out there?

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