And Just like that Jonathan Kuminga is The STEAL of the NBA Draft

Oh the rich get richer. As a Knicks fan (here we go) I hate seeing teams consistently make good decisions as I am used to the wrong ones. So the Warriors, naturally, were a team that was subject to hate by D Slush as I hated seeing them reach the finals every year.

Then they had a rough season two year ago. This resulted them in landing a top pick and drafting Wiseman. A young star grabbed with the second pick. Fast forward a year later, the Dubs go through rough patches and despite some bright spots they struggle and wind up the seventh pick. Ah, the 7th pick. Prime Knicks territory! Surely they must screw something up.

*Projected top 5 pick Jonathan Kuminga falls to the Warriors at 7*

The G League product slipped and everyone said they hit the pick. Tonight the Warriors summer league squad took the court and everyone wanted to see Kuminga show his skills. A small sample size for sure, but lets just say he showed a little bit of potential:

Yeah. So that happened. Kuminga looks like a specimen so far. Giving some Jaylen Brown vibes so far and Steph Curry surely can't be complaining. Kuminga's grit and athletic ability is something everyone can appreciate, especially a former DPOTY:

Man, talk about a great situation. The kid is playing alongside a former MVP and a former DPOTY, and being coached under a championship head coach.

Kuminga is just 18 years old. Important to remember he has lots of physical growth remaining. Watch out NBA, this kid could be the next star out of Golden State.


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