Ben Simmons Trade Saga

Sixers fans around the world have been calling for Ben Simmons to be traded after his abysmal 2021 NBA Playoff showings just a few months ago. As Daryl Morey and Elton Brand look to shake things up, it doesn't seem like anyone is even remotely interested in what they are asking for. According to Woj, the sixers are hoping to get a "Harden like Haul" for Simmons, but any GM with a marginally sized noggin will never offer them something like that. So, what do they do now?

According to Woj, the sixers are hoping to part ways with Simmons today, draft day. Draft day is a day where every NBA pundit says "you never know what might happen" or "the perfect day to make a trade is draft day" but I strongly disagree. If you wait until draft day to make a deal, especially of this magnitude, odds are you aren't going to get what your looking for. The reason for this is teams at this point are committed to who they want and how they value him, and at this point unless a team is moving up or down in the draft, trading an incredibly controversial player such as Simmons and getting a "Harden like haul" is going to be next to impossible.

The correct move, at least in my mind would've been to take the highest first round pick possible for Simmons because at the end of the day Simmons will be better than at least 50% of the first round pick taken. However since they opted not to go that route, and if they really want to drop Simmons, they may have to settle for a VERY late round pick, or even a second round pick.

Overall I would say sixers fans may have screwed over a Ben Simmons trade more than there (recently) incompetent front office because their fan base showed their hand. After the game 6 loss to the Atlanta Hawks, the city of Philadelphia erupted with outrage saying they wouldn't come to watch the team play with Simmons on the roster, and this showed every team in the league that the sixers would have no choice BUT to trade Simmons away.

The best offer I think they 76ers could realistically do is something with the Lakers. A first and Kuzma, A first and KCP, both KCP, Kuzma and Gasol, or something in that variation seems like a win win for both teams. Now, I may be stupid and not understand the cap space dilemma, but I would imagine the Lakers would be able to figure out some way to make it work, maybe a third team involved and ditch another player to create space or something. This trade, in theory, would give Lebron a chance to move off the ball like he wants, mentor "The Young Prince" as he used to call him, and bring a very solid defender to the team.

Although I think the deal may be impossible, and if it is, its incredibly unlikely, I don't think 76ers fans would be too upset. Does this help both teams? Nope not really. The Lakers need a shooter and the 76ers want an all-star caliber player, but at the end of the day it fills a need for both sides-- 76ers want Ben Out, Lakers want to move Lebron off the ball. This deal accomplishes both.

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