Best Athlete's To Wear Number 30

Today the greatest soccer player of all time, Lionel Messi, was introduced at PSG and twitter erupted as he held up his New Jersey. The reason for this was because a player in his position and of his class would typically wear any number between 8 and 11, but Leo chose number 30. Although shocking, because only scrubs in soccer wear numbers that high, legendary athletes in all sports around the world have suited up in that number before. Before I get into the top 5 it needs to be know that Lionel Messi is already the best athlete to wear the number 30 in all of sports, and all he's done is hold it up in the air. Lets get into it

At number two, and I think least controversial on this list is Steph Curry:

Steph Curry has worn the number 30 for the entirety of his incredible career. While sporting this number Steph has made quiet the name for himself, becoming the greatest 3 point shooter in NBA history, a three time NBA champion and the first unanimous NBA MVP in history. As far as GOAT's go its not too out of the question to say Steph isn't far off from becoming one of them, if he isn't already.

At The Number 3 Spot I am Giving it To Martin Brodeur

As a Rangers fan it sucks to put Marty over Henrick Lundqvist but I have to. Brodeur is recognized as the greatest Goaltender of all time and his stats will prove it. The Canadian native totaled 691 wins before calling it a career, paired with his 28,928 saves and .921 save %. He is a 3x Stanley cup champion and a 9x all-star.

Number 4 is Nolan Ryan

Nolan Ryan began his career in 1966 and ended it in 1993. The right handed pitcher finished his career with 324 wins, a 3.19 ERA , 5,714 strikeouts, and 7 no hitters thrown. He entered the Hall of fame in '99 and concluded his career with 8 all star appearances. Ryan's career is legendary and although I wish I cared about baseball enough to write more about him, there is no argument that he is in the top 3 athletes of all time to sport the number 30.

Number 5 is Ken Griffey Jr.

Yes, I know his most famous number is 24 BUT he wore 30 on the Reds so it counts, at least in my book. He is one of the many GOAT's in baseball, not for his numbers but for what he did for the game... oh and his numbers are incredible too. Griffey Jr. was a 13 time all star and MVP, recording a .284 batting average, 2,781 hits, 630 home runs and 1,836 RBI's. Like the rest of the list, he is in his sports Hall of Fame.

To recap

  1. Lionel Messi

  2. Steph will finish as a top 10-15 player all time,

  3. Martin Brodeuris considered to be the greatest player of all-time at his position,

  4. Nolan Ryan is more controversial but still recognized as one of the top pitchers to play the game

  5. Ken Griffey Jr. the man who made baseball international

With Steph Curry and Messi continuing to play at the highest level of their respective sports, and being incredibly popular while doing it, don't be surprised to see a TON of young athletes start repping the 30.

HONORABLE MENTION TO: Henrik Lundqvist (New York Rangers), and Terrell Davis (Denver Broncos)