Carson Wentz has Escaped the Shackles of Philly

What a fall from grace for this guy. You come in as the number two pick in the draft in 2016, with the team who drafted you mortgaging part of their future to come up and take "THEIR GUY." He goes on to play MVP caliber football in his second year, then gets injured before playoff time. His backup comes in, they win a title, erect a statue of him, and then try to do it all over again with their stud young quarterback. It seemed like the Philadelphia Eagles were on the path to a possible dynasty, until they absolutely weren't. In a trash city like Philadelphia, nothing good deserves to last, so no one should've been surprised when the city's "beloved" team in 2017 became a hot-bed of disaster just 3 years later. It is not necessarily fair to put all the blame on Carson, but he certainly deserves part of the blame to the Eagles' return to poverty.

Wentz showed plenty of promise even after his near MVP year, but injuries, setbacks, questionable coaching, and a lack of playmakers added up to be a recipe for disaster. 2020's version of Carson Wentz was nothing short of a dumpster fire inside the eye of a raging shitstorm. It almost seemed, at times, that the man genuinely forgot how to play the game of football. His decision making was erratic, he held onto the ball for far too long, and his accuracy many times could be compared to good old Nate Peterman. Well, the embarrassment of that 2020 season got even worse, when Jalen Hurts took the job of this newly extended "qb of the future" for Philly. Trade winds began to swirl, the media was all over Carson's unrest with the organization, and the league as a whole seemed a lot more open to going out and prying so-called franchise quarterbacks from their league counterparts. Enter the Indianapolis Colts.

Well the Colts and old man Phil made it a lot farther than most expected them to, and beat a lot of good teams in the process. A lot of people took Phil out to pasture and were ready to Old Yeller him, but he actually was quite solid for Indy. So with that logic, bringing in a young, athletic, former NFL star may have the same, if not better, results. And the best part is, it only took a conditional second and a third to get him. A few years ago, if someone said to me this is what it took to get Carson Wentz, I'd laugh in their stupid face. But hey, Frank Reich gets to reunite with his wonder-boy away from the tumultuous city of shit. The Indianapolis media will not be nearly as harsh as Philly, and he's in a Mickey Mouse division. Give the man a few more playmakers and keep that offensive line intact, and we may see the resurgence of 2017 Carson Wentz, except this time rockin blue and white.

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