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College Basketball is BACK!

The long-awaited arrival of College Basketball has finally come! After 8 long months without it, the NCAA got their shit together and have allowed the 2020-2021 basketball season to happen. The abrupt cancellation of the March Madness tournament broke the hearts of all basketball fans and killed the dreams of many basketball players. Players from smaller schools were not able to showcase their skills on national television which prevented some players from getting drafted in the NBA Draft a few weeks ago.

However, enough talk about last season because this season has already been exciting. We already have had a Top 5 team upset in the first 2 games. #4 Virginia dropped their game earlier today to San Francisco with a 1 point loss. With that being said here are my picks for the top 3 FRAUD teams we will see this season.

1) Virginia

Virginia is a fraud basketball program. They are overhyped each and every year and they find a way to fuck up and lose games they should winning by 30. They are the only team in NCAA history to lose a tournament game to a #16 seed as a #1 seed. They didn't just lose that game but they got absolutely dominated by UMBC and lost by 20. Ranked #4 coming into the loss, I don't see them coming back into the top 10 for the rest of the season. FRAUDS!

2) Illinois

This Illinois team is good but not deserving of the number 8 ranking. They had a very good record last year because of their strong home record. They bring back a bunch of players from last year including star player, Kofi Cockburn. However, with barely any fans, they will not have the home-court advantage this year. This a team that barely beat Ohio today by a score of 77-75. Playing in the tough BIG10 conference with many great basketball teams, I just don't see them having a successful season. Last year the Fighting Illini went 3-6 when playing a top 25 opponent. 3 of those losses were by 15 points are more. When it came down to it the Fighting Illini were not successful against good basketball programs and with no fans this year, I have doubts about the team being able to win big games. FRAUDS!

3) Baylor

Last year Baylor had a very impressive 26-4 season, and many had picked them to win the tournament. However, they finished 2-3 in their last 5 games and were definitely trending downwards going into March. Losses to Kansas, TCU, and West Virginia showed that the Bears could not win in big moments and that's a concern coming into this season. The experts have ranked Baylor #2 coming into the year and they are #1 on the Coaches Poll, but I have a feeling they are not going to live up to the hype. With COVID-19 already having their first few games canceled, this team is going to go through a lot of distractions. Don't get me wrong they are still a good basketball team, but I see them ranked just outside the top 10 when the season is all said and done. FRAUDS!

My top 3 Picks to Win the tournament:

  1. Gonzaga

Many people hate the Zags because they are always highly ranked but they always choke in the tournament. People hate on them because they play in a very weak West Coast Conference. This is not the Bulldogs' fault because they have been in this conference since the beginning of time. (1979 exact I just looked it up) Zags already had two impressive wins against #6 Kansas where they controlled the tempo all game and also Auburn who is a tough SEC opponent. They are set to play their next game against #2 Baylor, where I think the Zags will expose the Bears and prove my point that the Bulldogs are contenders and the Bears are pretenders!

2. Villanova

As a Seton Hall student and basketball fan, it pains me to write this but it's the truth. Never count a Jay Wright basketball team out. Jay Wright has 2 championships in the last 4 seasons, and the Wildcats are looking for more. After seeing star player, Saddiq Bey, leave for the NBA Draft this Nova team is still very talented. With Collin Gillespie coming back for his senior year, he will orchestrate the offense as he has Jermaine Robinson-Earl and Justin Moore for support. This team gives me 2016 Nova vibes with their talented roster was led by Ryan Arcidiacono.

3. Duke

Duke is due. Duke has never gone more than 6 years (dating back to 1980) under Coach K without making a Final Four appearance. Coach K knows how to win which is why he is the most winningest coach in college basketball. The last time Duke made the Final Four is when they won in 2015, which is why I think they are going to make a run at it this year. History repeats itself and numbers never lie, so just going off the statistics, Duke has a great chance at winning the entire thing. With a young squad, but loads of freshman and sophomore talent from Matthew Hurt, Wendell Moore, and Jalen Johnson.

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