Dak Prescott: Winner Of the Murray Monday Award

Tough One For Dak. Prayers up for sure but if you didn't think he would win Murray Monday this week you are just dumb.

Last week it was Bill O'Brien, and this weeks its gotta be Dak Prescott. Now, before you freak the fuck out and call me an insensitive scum bag lets take a look at what exactly Daks contract would've looked like had he settled for a little less than he had originally hoped for.

For anyone with a brain that deal gets made, simple as that. Dak gets paid at least triple that number already in advertisements for being "America's Quarterback", and then he turns down a 5yr/35M dollar deal with 100 Million Guaranteed. Absolutely appalling.

Dak's injury, despite it being a freak injury, is never something you can count out when playing in the NFL. It feels like multiple times a year now guys get hurt so bad they gotta be out for the year or even longer, see Alex Smith's shattered leg as a prime example of that. But here's the thing about Alex Smith, Alex Smith accepted his deal before getting his catastrophic injury, and Daks dumbass didn't, and now he has to live with that.

I know the media likes to shit on Jerry Jones for not giving him what he wanted, which is certainly valid, BUT he offered him a an absolute BOAT LOAD full of money, its not Jerrys fault Dak thought he was worth more. At this point of the article you should understand that I don't fucking like the cowboys, I hope Dak NEVER comes back because honestly I think he's a good football player in the Giants division, simple and plain.

So. Dak here's to you my friend, you officially are a Murray Monday Award Winner.If by some wild chance you read this I just want you to know your one of the first individuals ti make it on this exclusive list. Congrats my man, Hope it feels like shit.


October 5th: Bill O'Brien

October 12th: Dak Prescott

*If you got this far and were triggered the whole time just go fuck yourself. Thanks*

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