Damian Lillard is the Bubble MVP and It isn't even close

Updated: Aug 5

Over the past few weeks Damian Lillard is averaging 37 points per game, putting up 61 points in his most recent performance against the Mavs. Unreal. Absolutely Unreal. Dame's performances along with the help of Melo, CJ McCollum, Jusuf Nurkic and Gary Trent Jr, have led them to the playoff play-in, as well as looking to be a real threat going up against the Lakers in the first round.

Throughout the time he's been in the Bubble, Dame has had controversy and enormous media attention. He was announced to be the current gen NBA 2k21 Cover Athlete, his play has been on the high end of elite caliber, he has helped resurge melos career, and he has started a real hateful beef between himself Paul George and Pat Beverly, both of whom he made clear he has sent home before, essentially telling them to shut the fuck up with their shit talking. He even came at Skip Bayless, for being a bitch and backpedaling when he confronted him about his comments before entering the bubble.

With all eyes on Dame as a fan you can clearly tell not only does he love the attention and the challenge... but he thrives on it. Although guys like TJ Warren (whose career is speeding up exponentially) and Devin Booker (certified Dog on a subpar team) are putting in amazing performances, they just aren't on Dame's level, which is why he will be the bubble MVP.

Don't be surprised when the Blazers clinch the 8 seed and they push the Lakers to a series of maybe 6 or even 7 games, they're just too angry and determined to be outed in a 4 game series against anyone; let alone a heavily favorited one-seed with Lebron and AD, the largest basketball fanbase in the world and who the whole world is expecting to see in the NBA Finals.

The Blazers success and Damian Lillard's MVP caliber play have proved something once again... when fully healthy the Portland Trail Blazers are capable of being the best team in the NBA, and maybe with another star come free agency a Finals Contender.

HOT TAKE: If the Blazers had Melo last year they beat the Warriors, and the Kawhi led Raptors

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