Daniel Jones Ends Up at the Bottom of the Pile During Team Brawl...

Danny Dimes adds a couple pounds of muscle this offseason and now he thinks he can just take on anyone.

To state the obvious, Dimes is an idiot for getting in that pile. He is the most important piece to this offense and he is proving nothing getting in the pile. All fun and games until this fat bastard jumps into the pile as well:

(DT Danny Shelton, 345 lbs)

That's right, Big Blue's QB was gasping for air like Jon Snow during Battle of the Bastards.

Needless to say, Joe Judge was not a fan of this. He had these guys running sprints and doing pushups like their lives depended on it. From all that I have read it sounds like a scene straight out of Coach Carter.

This is what had to be done if he wanted to keep his rep as the no bull shit coach. Straight out of the Bill Belichick coaching academy.

Judge had the fellas doing suicides, up downs, laps, pushups, pull ups you name it. The guy just gets after it at practice and put the boys in line after getting a little too reckless.

All in all, I actually loved seeing this. No one was hurt and the team chemistry seemed to be quite alright afterwards.

He probably used the Roy Williams GIF because he was limping like some old dude.

This brawl did show this is a young and gritty team, so as long as no one was butt hurt afterwards then I am all for this intensity. Plus, if it gets a little too out of hand they know what is coming from Coach Joe.

ALSO, name another QB you know that is jumping at the bottom of the pile.

Danny Dimes MVP Season is on the way.

Hop on the hype train or get left behind.


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