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David Ortiz's Best Moments in Honor of his 45th Birthday

On November 18th, 1975; A legend named David Ortiz was born. 45 years later his legacy continues on as he is one of the main and most electric personalities for FOX Baseball. New England sports fans and Baseball fans in general know the impact Big Papi made on the league and the fear in a man's eye when he walks up to the plate with the bases loaded. With over 500 Home Runs, Three Championships, and a personality that is unbeatable he has cemented himself as one of the greatest players of this generation. As he turns 45 years old today we honor him with displaying some of his best moments throughout his career from his first game to his last.

2003: David Ortiz's First Home Run on the Red Sox

Since his entrance into his league his dominance began. It didn't even look like he put any effort into that hit... Pure Power.

2004 ALCS Game 4: Ortiz Walk off Home run Down 3-0 in the Series

Undisputed one of the best rivalries in sports; The Red Sox and Yankees, Boston Vs. New York, it's only fitting for them to have one of the best ALCS's in baseball history. In 2004 the Yankees led the Sox three games to zero, a deficit that no team in the history of baseball were ever able to overcome. Game Four of the ALCS saw a turning point in the series when Ortiz hit a walk off home run and ultimately told the Yankees and all of New York to hold his dick.

2004 ALCS Game 7: Early Home Run to Give Sox Lead

Speed up to game 7 of the 2004 ALCS... Series tied... everything on the line... more anxiety in the air than Murray on a Tuesday night... annnnddddd BANG David Ortiz two-run home run. This early home run gave the Sox added run support that led them to overcome the Yankees in the Seven game series and overcome a 3-0 lead in the ALCS... Which no other team was ever able to do.

A-Rod Putting Yankee Jacket On Big Papi

Okay this may have not been one of the biggest moments in his career, but had to add it to this as it is one of his funniest moments. All Boston and New York fans have been raised since an early age to fucking hate each other and wearing the opposing jersey is equivalent to a sin. So naturally A-Rod trolling Ortiz has to be on here.


No matter who you root for you can't deny that this is one of the most hype moments in all of sports. For those living in Boston and the towns surrounding it, the time between the Boston Marathon Bombings and until they arrested those Evil Fucks were a scary time. I lived 15 minutes away and I wasn't able to leave my house for a solid two days, I was convinced I was going to see one of those motherfuckers when I was in my driveway shooting hoops. An old history teacher of mine lived on the street where one of the officers got shot in the shootout of Watertown; and it still haunts him. So this moment was a huge turning point for the City of Boston and America as a whole... You don't Fuck with us.

2013 ALCS Game 2 Walk off Home Run

One of my favorite moments as a Red Sox fan. Following a hardened year where we were forced to overcome terrible events, we came back and hit harder. This was not a world series team, if you look at the stats this Red Sox team should not have won that world series... but they did. Papi hitting this walk off home run was the staple of his career and even made police officer Steve Horgan a celebrity amongst Boston... Funny dude, took a picture with him one time obviously made him hold up his arms like that.

2016 ALDS 10/10/16: Big Papi's Final Goodbye

This one hurts. Growing up all I ever knew was Big Papi, Brady, and the Celtics big three. Yeah I was spoiled with having all these great players and championships, so obviously it sucked seeing one of my favorites leave the league. I felt old as shit. Regardless how good or how bad the Red Sox were, I knew if we had Ortiz we automatically had someone who could rip a home run at any given time. It sucked seeing him leave, ever since then I was never into baseball as I used to be. No matter where you were from or who you rooted for, you have to appreciate the greatness of David Ortiz.

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