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If it wasn't official already, it is now... Deshaun Watson is fully leaving the Houston Texans. This offseason has been an absolute wash for the Texans and their organization, as it seems like the Mcnair Family (Texan Ownership) is getting the Dan Snyder treatment's given the reports of their insubordination in regards to player happiness and willingness to put a Super Bowl Contending team around their generational QB.

The image above is of Deshaun Watsons Instagram account, and the Houston Texans are noticeably absent from his bio, which in todays day and age means he is fully ready to sit out the season if the team refuses to trade him, which is certainly within his rights.

Some people may think of this move as a scumbag move from Deshaun, but I think the vast majority are on his side. Watson is one of the ten best QBs in the NFL right now and his franchise not only traded away his star Wide Receiver Deandre Hopkins, they also refused to give him any say in their search for a new GM as well as Head Coach.

In this league there are tons of Quarterbacks who should be great but get ruined by management, coaching or the front office by not putting guys around them, and somehow Deshaun has managed to stay good despite having some of the worst management/ownership pairing in sports, it makes sense for him to sit out in hopes of landing on a new team such as the 49ers, Dolphins for even the Jets.

Bottom Line, Deshaun Watson brings so much more than just his talent to this team, he is one of the best people in the NFL. He donates to various charities, has been paying for struggling families children's tuition, and has been an active leader within Houstons communities. His leadership is second to none, his actions are second to none, and his talent at the QB position is second to few. In a league where thousands of people poor blood sweat and tears into being able to throw the football and read the game, Deshaun Watson is certainly top 10, and arguable top 5 at doing so, and the Mcnair family couldn't even allow him to have a say in who they choose to lead/run the team? Fuckl the Mcnairs, and although Texans fans are great, Fuck the Texans. They have wasted 4 years of not only his career but the duration of JJ Watts, those fucking bastards.

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