Deshaun Watson to the Eagles

After having a decent morning and day at work it has just come to my attention that Deshaun Watson is probably going to be a Philadelphia Eagle -- and I might just hurl myself off a bridge.

If you follow New York Giants Football, or even the NFL in general, you know the Giants have been making progress at being a competent franchise again. Signing Kenny Golladay, suring up the defensive side of the ball, and locking in a motivated and hard nosed coach like Joe Judge over the past two years. Just getting to this point has been like watching paint dry for the past 6 years, and this season is supposed to be our breakout into the playoffs year. With the Cowboys coming back to full health, and the Washington Football team showing they aren't all that bad, I was expecting the Giants to have to really perform this season, but add Deshaun Watson to the mix? Are you fucking kidding me.

Deshaun Watson, one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, being 'strongly' linked to the Eagles is like sticking a knife to my neck hard enough that it bleeds a little but not finishing the job. So to the Giants, and even the Football Team, I will say this: if Deshaun Watson migrates to Philadelphia at any point over the next few weeks trade the entire roster. There's no point. Genuinely.

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