EA Sports Announces College Football Video Games Are Back

After Years of pulling out my Playstation 3 searching everywhere for the game, and downloading the bullshit updated rosters only to play a video game with in todays day and age has god awful graphics and player movements, the wait is finally over.

I don't know how they did it, or when the game will drop, but what I do know is I really don't give a shit. For thousands of people to go through the process of luffing around a PS3 or an Xbox 360 and search for a game and play it despite all of its glaring issues (since the game came out 7 years ago), and THAN go on twitter for not just one moment, but for 7 YEARS and scream at EA Sports until they finally mad it happen is nothing short of a fairy tale.

The Release date to my knowledge is currently unknown, as well as if they will drop the game with this past seasons rosters, or the next seasons rosters. Regardless I really don't care, the only thing I hope they do add is player likeness, but again as long as the games comes out I couldn't care less.

The Logistics of this game being dropped is also unknown, obviously the game went away after lawsuits requesting that College Football pay its players for this, so I assume they will be paid in some way shape or form.

Lastly I can't wait till the boosters get their hands on this, because they are not going toe happy. Boosters are certified LOSERS who get a thrill of paying players under the table and stealing them from smaller teams, but now if College Football is to pay it's players, I am curious as to the relevance of them. I mean theirs always gonna be guys throwing cash under the table but that number probably just shot up.