Eli Manning Lives in Tom Brady's Head

Tom Brady, the greatest Quarterback of all time has reached his 10th super bowl in 20 seasons after his win in Lambeau against the 13-3 Green Bay Packers. What a feat, as a guy who predicted an Aaron Rogers MVP season as well as a super bowl ring to pair with it, it hurt to watch Brady and the Bucs dominate the game last Sunday. However, if there was any good that came out of last Sunday's game at least for me, it was this: Eli Manning is still the guy keeping Tom Brady up at night: yes I am aware Nick Foles also beat him in the Super Bowl but there's just something about Eli, Peytons LITTLE BROTHER, beating Tom Brady the greatest Quarterback of all time twice on the biggest stage with that dumbs look on his face that makes me happy.

In a quote from Eli yesterday, he stated how he doesn't brag about his two super bowl wins over the undisputed Greatest of All time, but instead Tom Brady is the one who constantly brings it up.... This is a big dick move by Eli and if you don't recognize that your just an idiot. Tom Brady, potentially the most confident NFL player for years trying to make jokes to provide some comedic relief to a situation where he feels he needs to is absolutely hilarious, and imagining Eli saying "hey man it is what it is, it was a great game", just infuriating Tom and his justifiably large ego makes me smile. The last thing that needs to be touched on in the quote is Eli acting like their is no bragging rights. I am sorry, but everyone and their mother knows there's bragging rights when you come out on top against the GOAT, and the fact he won't even take advantage of that probably makes Tom feel even worse.

Overall, I am going to make this last take if you read this far 10x more wild than any other take I have had ***TRIGGERR WARNING**... if Eli Manning and the New York Football Giants do not beat Tom in the Super Bowl twice Tom Brady would not be as good as he is today. Let's face it, if Eli makes the Half of Fame as much as I love him he will be in the bottom 10% of players in the Hall. Tom Brady has dominated all of the best athlete's and football minds throughout his time, and I would imagine the embarrassment of losing to the dude who looks like the bottom of my foot not once but TWICE is mortifying that he decided right than and there after that second loss there would be no way he leaves this game till he has cemented himself as not only the Greatest Football Player of All Time, but the Greatest Athlete of All Time, and if he beats Mahomes in this Super Bowl, he will be.... and Eli Manning will have still beat his ass twice.

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