Everything Fans Can Expect From "Whole Lotta Red"

Last night, December 21st, marks the official announcement of Playboi Carti’s highly anticipated “Whole Lotta Red.” We’re coming up to nearly 3 years without a new Carti album and after 1095 days of being played, bamboozled, and generally fucked with this feels pretty nice. Today we’re going to deep dive into what we predict we’ll see from the young Atlanta artist.

It’s been awhile since Carti’s released music, so naturally he’s sonically progressed. We saw this on his April single “@ Meh” and Drake’s “Pain 1993” fans HATED the baby voice, and honestly I don’t blame them if I wanted to hear that I could listen to my baby nephew try and identify shapes. Fans like myself were worried. Was the direction of his next album about to sound like PBS for kids? Does this guy actually suck? Should I have listened to my older brother when he asked me “What is this shit?” All valid questions.

Ever since the internet went into uproar over Carti’s new single and Drake feature he’s been rather quiet except for a few cryptic tweets. I know Carti saw all of those jabs about him wearing fishnet tank tops and leather leggings on Twitter and maybe came to the realization that fans were displeased with the direction he’s taken. In recent weeks Carti has become way more active on social media with Instagram posts and tweets causing fans to suspect an album coming soon. And then BOOM the day finally happens, Carti Posts, “Album Turned In” written in some ridiculous early 2000’s hieroglyphics.

Following this we got a snippet, and from the looks of it, we could be in business. The short 15 second clip displays that high value production were so accustomed to from Die Lit along with self titled. And thankfully, no more baby bull shit. Along with this snippet Carti has put out a string of tweets hinting towards possible features by tagging them. By the looks of it we’ll be hearing from Kid Cudi, Future, Travis Scott, Post Malone along with creative direction from Kanye West and Pharrell Williams. It's honestly pretty stacked. Personally I believe Carti is going to reach true potential on this project, sometimes we have to become the laughing stock of the internet to correct our behavior. It is unknown what producers are working on individual songs but we do know Kanye and Pharrell have taken charge of over seeing who touches what, which is a power move on every level. It’s pretty safe to say that all the leaks that have surfaced these past few years will be scrapped, which is truly disappointing. If only you impatient bastards waited until Christmas just maybe we could of heard “Pissy Pamper” officially, thanks internet.

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