Forget About Dre...s Daughter

Dr. Dre is one of the greatest presences ever in Hip Hop history. His daughter, Latoya Johnson, is Dr. Dre’s daughter. With a net worth of about 800 million, one would be inclined to believe that the children of a mogul such as Dr. Dre would make like erectile dysfunction and be a dick that doesn’t work a day in their lives. BUT. Dr. Dre said fuck that and his daughter is now homeless. She is 38 years old and works a warehouse job as well as Doordashes to make ends meet for her four children. Dr. Dre seriously does not give a shit. He allegedly used to aid her financially, until she went ahead and spoke to the press about him.

NFL legend Shannon Sharpe chimed in with his thoughts on the matter, ”a 38 year old grown woman trying to shame her father for into taking care of responsibilities she created.” Quotes from Sharpe also include ,”ppl will F up your money and get upset when you say no more. Then try and put you on blast.” Sharpe does seem to have a point, a very shaming and aggressive point, but a point nonetheless.

It is also important to note Dre paid about $300,000 a month to Latoya’s mother after a divorce settlement and hadn’t seen her in about 20 years. Even during a brain aneurysm Dre did not give a shit about letting his daughter see him. “It was like pulling teeth trying to get to him in the hospital.” I would imagine that within the next few days some more on the story will be released, including what his daughter had actually said to the press about him (I would bet it is some absolutely vile shit), and will probably be very entertaining. Stay slayin, Dre.

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