Get Ready for Twelve Daily ESPN Lamelo Ball Posts..

Updated: Aug 5

It always happens.

Patrick Mahomes, Luka Doncic, and then Zion Williamson... The big media accounts love to feed us a post about every single breath of their hopeful stars. The new NBA Draft class has taken the floor for the first time and I think we have an idea of who the NBA's new poster boy is..

Lamelo just had his first preseason game if you didn't know. Oh wait.. of course you did. I bet you saw a couple of his assists. I'll remind you of the pass if you did not see it.

He looked good. A facilitator. Some good dimes for sure.

But being BOMBARDED with posts from ESPN, Bleacher Report, Barstool, Overtime, and every other big sports company.... well lets just calm down. The guy scored ZERO points. He had three assists (All in which you probably saw on your feed).

The brakes need to he put out before it is too late because I am not ready to see multiple Lamelo Ball posts per day. We haven't even seen Lavar act up on the sidelines yet. All I know is get ready for the daily posts of this kid.

As I was writing this I actually opened my instagram.. to another Ball post from today's game. I will attach it not because I want to, but because I have to prove my point.

It was a corner three. Awesome. This article isn't to say Lamelo Ball is a bust or that he is not going to be the star, because he very well might be. NBA Execs like what they have seen from him early as one even said, "Not many see the game like him."

All I am trying to do it prepare you. Be ready for a shit ton of Lamelo Ball posts.

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