Gonzaga is Going To The National Championship

After an unbelievable game against the tournament sweethearts UCLA, Gonzaga is going to the National Championship against fellow 1 steed Baylor. Before we get into the game, there just too many storylines to discuss, so let's get into them.

UCLA Ties The Game:

As a gut who quickly turned the game on toward the end I don't know what the pace of the game was like, how many timeouts each team had or anything like that. But, what I do know is UCLA down by 2 driving to the rack with time ticking down on the clock had me on the edge of my seat. On top of the that, the fact that he MISSED the floater at first, than put it up and in made the whole thing even more insane. If the game had ended right there and another OT had to be played we all would've sat there looked around and said "well... this is fucking march", cracked another beer and gotten hype for more hectic play. But than with 3.3 second left, we got another March Moment.

Jalen Suggs Game Winner:

I don't know if its just me because in all honesty I don't give a fuck about college basketball until March Madness begins, but this Jalen Suggs guy sure seems to be pretty good at basketball. With 3.3 on the clock, and the anxiety levels probably through the goddamn roof, they inbound the ball to Suggs, who takes about two dribbles and pulls up from Steph Curry range. Not only does the kid make it, but he fuckin BANKS it in to put the dagger into the throats of UCLA and their fans.

*** Side Note: This dude Jalen Suggs is literally everywhere right now, trending on twitter his IG is blowing up... everything. The fact he has to quarantine tonight, and he isn't getting fucked up with the team and hanging out with girls sounds sucks so much. I mean what a tease, hit the biggest shot of your life and just get absolutely nothing but the adrenaline rush after... hope the publicity is enough to keep the man happy but holy shit what a missed opportunity.

Jim Nantz on the Call:

Jim Nantz is electric, I don't care what anybody says.Now, of course he's no Gus Johnson or Mike Breen, but the dude knows how to call a wild game in just about any sport, and twitter is definitely showing him the love he deserves after the game.

Finally, Adam Morrison:

Some people may remember, but the last time Gonzaga truly had their hearts ripped out was by UCLA when the team was repping their stud Adam Morrison. Morrison at the time was one of the grossest people to walk on planet earth, and honestly probably still is... but that's beside the point. The zags and their gross ex-superstar finally got the revenge they deserved on the UCLA Bruins, but lets be realistic, the undefeated story season for the Gonzaga whatever the fuck their mascot name is has to end to Baylor on the day of the National Championship, right?