Henne Thing Is Possible. Kansas City Holds Off Cleveland 22-17.

After a dominant first half Sunday afternoon, Chiefs fans held their breath midway through the 3rd Quarter when reigning Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes was shaken up on a tackle that resulted in him being taken to the locker room and sitting out the remainder of the game. Baker Mayfield and the Browns comeback was already brewing at this point. Jarvis Landry had just scored a TD on an 8 play 77 yard drive before Mahomes went down. Kansas City held a 19-10 lead at this point of the game with 7:39 to play in the 3rd. In comes 35 year old NFL veteran Chad Henne. Let's just say the Chiefs had a rough time moving the football after that. Henne finished 6/8 with 66 yards and 1 interception. That pick had to one of the worst throws in NFL Postseason History. Take a look.

Luckily for Henne, this awful pass was quickly forgotten because he would later go on to seal the deal for KC. Its 3rd and 14 for the Chiefs. Cleveland is all out of timeouts and it's the 2 minute warning. "Hennething is Possible". What happened next will have folks in Kansas City talking about the backup QB for years to come. Chad Henne steps back and he immediately sees he has no receiver to throw. He was just sacked on the previous play but decides to gamble and take off. Nobody, absolutely no one expects Chad Henne to pick up 13 1/2 yards on the ground. But he did and it was electric even though it was a few inches shy of the 1st.

Now its 4th and inches. Clock is ticking, Cleveland cant stop it. Andy Reid keeps the offense on the field. Gutsy move. But it's just to try and draw the defense offsides right? They'll wind the clock down, take a delay of game and pin Cleveland deep and trust their D to stop Baker from scoring within 60 seconds. Nope.

It's a play call that gets glorified it it works out and scrutinized if it fails. Luckily for Kansas City the speedy Tyreek Hill was able to create space and make an easy catch to secure the victory. The Chiefs advance to their 3rd consecutive AFC Championship Game where they will host the Buffalo Bills next Sunday. Andy Reid stated that Pat was feeling well and in good spirits after the game. Mahomes should be available and ready to go on Sunday with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line.

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