Isaiah Thomas Emotional 81 Point Game

Isaiah Thomas, most famous for his time in Boston, dropped 81 points in a crawsover league game just a few days ago, and its bringing back the amazing memories of him balling out in 2017.

That year, Isaiah Thomas finished with 28.9 PPG 5.9 APG, All-NBA 2nd Team Honors, an All Star appearance, and finished 5th in the MVP voting. In an incredibly unexpected way, Isaiah brought Boston back, having unforgettable playoff performances. Two of those games were dedicated to his sister, the first game was the day after she passed against the Chicago Bulls where he dropped 33 points, and the second was a 53 point game against the Wizards in game 2 where he dropped an astounding 53 points.

When you talk about a true hooper, and a gritty player, Isaiah Thomas is the epitome of that -- and the Celtics fans loved him for it. However Brad Stevens and Brad Stevens decided to trade him in that off season for Kyrie Irving, whose tenure in Boston didn't last long just two seasons) and led to fans turning against him.

Since Isaiah's departure, he has played for the Cavaliers, Lakers, Nuggets, Wizards, and Pelicans in the span of just three seasons. With the league giving up on him, Isaiah refused to stop working, which shouldn't surprise anyone, and has been playing great basketball in some of these workouts/NBA player shoot around league like crossover.

If there is a basketball god than that means there's a basketball Jesus, and if I had to guess that man would be Kobe Bryant, aint no way Kobe had Nothing to do with that 81. Regardless, Isaiah is very clearly motivated and obviously playing well. I say put him back in Boston and let him get a final shot at the league.

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