It's Dame Time In New York

The Portland Trailblazers are off to a HOT start this offseason, signing Tony Snell, the all star caliber guard most famous "just runnin around", and the highly sought out Norman Powell on a 5 Year 90 Million dollar deal. Following these signings, the Trailblazers briefly glanced over their potential free agents, looked around the room and said, "Norman Powell and Tony Snell! Who needs Carmelo Anthony and Zach Collins?". As Greg Popovich (arguably the best coach in the NBA) and Lebron James (second greatest player of all time) decided they'd settle for them.

Sarcasm aside, this free agency has been ROUGH for the blazers even though it isn't more than a day old. Currently, the blazers have -57 million in cap space after their re-signing of Powell and if I am Dame Lillard (which I obviously am not) I am telling Portland enough is enough.

Earlier this week, Stephen A. Smith went on ESPN and said that IF Dame were to want out of Portland, his first choice would be the New York Knicks. Now, as a Knicks fan, just hearing that is enough for me to scream into my phone for Leon Rose to earn his salary and offer the Blazers literally anybody not named Derrick, Julius, or RJ for Damian Lillard. I'm talkin Mitchell Robinson, Kevin Knox, Frank Nktilikina, Tom Thibadaeu if that's legal....I DO NOT CARE.

A super star as loyal as Damian Lillard doesn't come around often in today's NBA, and as long as the team is moderately competent I know with 100% certainty he would finish his career with us. So to the Blazers front office I will say this, it's time to let go of Damian Lillard: it's borderline selfish at this point. And to Leon Rose and the rest of the Knicks front office I will say this: there's a 99% chance Damian Lillard will be better than any of our future first round picks for the foreseeable future, do the fanbase a favor and give them to the Trailblazers for arguably the most loyal superstar in the NBA. Let's win a damn title.

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