Its about Dame time to get out of Portland--Destination: MSG?

The entire NBA world has had their eyes locked on superstar spectacle Damian Lillard this offseason. After years of frustration with his organization and putting on some of the best playoff performances in NBA history, the Portland Trail Blazers fail time after time to find any success in the post-season. While Dame is considered one of the most loyal players to step on the court, just how far can the organization push him to make him jump ship and search for a championship elsewhere?

As of thus far, he still has yet to request a trade, despite pressure from the entire community who just want to see the poor man find vengeance. He has even personally acknowledged that the team isn’t where it needs to be and that he wants to see changes made. So what kind of changes has Portland made? Well, they added a few key player that are sure to assist Dame in securing a national title. Ben Mclemore, Cody Zeller, and the all-time great with the historic stat line below…Tony Snell. Just what he asked for.

Although many are caught up in the idea of potential trading sending Lillard to Philadelphia to link up with Joel Embiid (which would be a very scary and elite duo), analyst Stephen A. Smith seems to have inside sources that say otherwise.

“I happen to know, for a fact, that even though Damian Lillard isn’t really keen on getting traded from Portland, New York Knicks would be his number one destination. I’m telling you what I know. I’m not guessing. I know this will affect y’all figure out how. The New York Knicks would be his number one destination. If he were to want to get traded from Portland, I’m not saying he does, but if he would get traded from Portland, he would want to be a New York Knick, because he believes in the New York market. Unlike in Portland, it would be considerably easier for him to pull off getting guys to want come play with him. Okay, guys like a Jayson Tatum down the line like a Joel Embiid down the line. Guys like that. These are the kinds of things that you have to pay attention to when it comes to a Damian Lillard.”

And truthfully, Stephen A. makes nothing but a lot of sense here. I don’t know who is going to say, “yeah for sure let’s hit the mean city of PORTLAND and get a ring!” It just does not make any sense. Embiid is under contract with the Sixers for two more years, but considering his abundant love for his city, it is tough to see a future where he leaves for New York. Then again, the organization left him with Ben Simmons so you never know. In conclusion, I pray to God, as a fan of the NBA, that Lillard gets out of Portland and goes somewhere where he is cherished and deserved.

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