Jake Paul Signs a Deathwish

Whelp, it’s the era of tik tokers and snowflakes which means that it’s also the era of washed up youtubers picking fights to stay relevant. Fighting other youtubers, even fighting NBA players. To nobody’s surprise, seemingly the entire world wants a piece of the Paul brothers in the ring. He’s got a long list of people he wants to fight, NHL players, NBA players, and wait get this- Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz. He called out some of the world’s most skilled fighters in overwhelmingly disrespectful fashion.

Paul uploaded this video hoping to get a rise from Conor, and for once I am praying Jake Paul succeeds. He is only following a single person on Instagram now-McGregor’s wife, who he also called out in the video as a “4”. Just a reminder. When competing for the belt against the then featherweight champion Jose Aldo, McGregor knocked him out in a UFC championship record 13 seconds. He went on to become the only fighter to ever hold 2 division titles at the same time. And now Jake Paul wants to fight him after beating up Nate Robinson.

As if it couldn’t get any worse, Jake Paul posted this video, calling out the man who dethroned McGregor in a highly anticipated rematch. The video features him throwing God awful punches that have maybe a 2% chance of connecting a single shot on Diaz or McGregor if he threw 10,000 straight punches. If you do not watch fighting a lot, and cannot properly gauge what a real professional fighter looks like when sparring/training, I have linked some training footage from Ryan Garcia below. It will not be difficult by any feat of the imagination to see the difference. In the video, it shows the Paul brothers covered in pads being unable to take blows from Ryan Garcia.


For fans of the fighting world and people who have never seen a fight alike, we all just want to watch Jake Paul get his teeth kicked in. With that being said, prayers are up that McGregor accepts the 50 million dollar contract.

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