James Harden is the Uber Eats Customer of the Month

Updated: Aug 5

Wow. Absolute Power move by James Harden. We all know he does not want to play in Houston as he skipped training camp, but this? This is how he gets traded.

He was partying at the strip club instead of reporting to camp and I guess he took notes from Lou Williams and hit the buffet. Uber Eats and Door Dash were used once or twice for sure. This is a dangerous diet not just for him, but for his new teammate John Wall who is someone that knows a thing or two about gaining some weight.

This is a death wish for the Rockets, keeping Harden. Not only will he be playing unmotivated, but he will be walking into the locker room with a box of donuts that the Kentucky boys, John Wall and Demarcus Cousins, will have a hard time saying no to.

The NBA not testing for weed will only make this worse. This will go down as the Munchie Szn for the Rockets if they let Harden stick around. Won't be long until he starts to look like Spice Adams out there.

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