Kanye West Caught Looking Over Mercedes Benz Stadium During NFL Preseason Game

At this point Kanye West practically owns Mercedes Benz stadium. Amidst of his album, #DONDA, dropping Kanye has decided to live in the stadium until he finishes production of his album and he seems to be feeling just at home.

He wakes up and walks around the stadium like its his house. He then proceeds to invite famous rapper like Jay Z to come and record in his headquarters. The Falcons Titans game took place tonight and Ye figured he might as well take advantage of his new house and watch from above.

These last few weeks have truly been a time to remember for Kanye as he has all music fans on their toes when he is actually going to drop his album. The music star has set all time records for viewers on apple music with his live performances of the album just to go back and continue to not release his project.

We do not actually know if that was Kanye, but I would not be surprised at all if it was. With the album, DONDA, still unreleased fans now are hoping for a a release date of August 20th instead of the previously thought August 15th. Regardless is all speculation, and only time will tell when he will decide to put out this so called masterpiece.

In the meantime, he might as well take advantage of his new crib and watch of free NFL football.

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