What is Going on with Kyrie Irving?!

Kyrie Irving is out for Thursday Night's game against the 76ers. Why you might ask?

After reading this, I knew something was wrong. Kyrie Irving, the best teammate we have ever seen, not letting a single soul know he wasn't coming? All I could think of was this image.

#PrayforKyrie was my immediate thought. Find him and get him help.

THEN I read this tweet.

Welp. There goes that.

In all seriousness, it was only a matter of time until this "locker room cancer" was pulling stunts like this again.

But listen.. I get it. Everyone deserves a night off. I hit legs the other day as a 2021 New Years resolution and I could not get out of bed, so I could only imagine how this guy feels after logging 30 plus minutes every night in the NBA. However, not letting anyone know you weren't even coming is just fucked up. Man, we are living in times where communicating is as easy as ever. Just text someone. Send a Tweet. Literally yell out the window and I'm sure one of Woj's minions would find a way to hear it and let him know. You just cannot stay silent and let your coaches and teammates look like idiots.

That being said, this does not only hurt Kyrie, but it does not bode well for Nash. The first year head coach has to find a way to explain to the media why his star player is absent, in which he has no answer. Not a great look for a coach that is hoping to make some noise in the playoffs.

It's going to be a long year Steve. Boston fans tried warning you. Now you are going to have to suffer the countless headaches Kyrie will be giving you.

As for you traitor New York fans that jumped ship before the season from the Knicks to the Nets..

Come back while you still can.

- Slush

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