Lakers May Be Closing in on Carmelo Anthony

As August 2nd quickly approaches, guys like Chris Paul, DeMar Derozan, Carmelo Anthony, and I am sure many more have been linked to Lakers and at this point I don't think anyone knows what's actually going to happen.

Despite the lack of knowledge on where those guys may go, there's one rumor that seems to hold the most water within the NBA, and that is Carmelo Anthony becoming a Laker, teaming with Lebron, AD, and now Russell Westbrook. As a New York Knick fan I would love to see Carmelo get a chance to play some significant playoff minutes on a real contender, so the fact that this is even being talked about is awesome.. at least for me.

Sticking with the point about this being possible, imagine reading this Headline in 2014: Lebron James, Anthony Davis, Carmelo Anthony, and Russell Westbrook are looking to team up in their quest of becoming NBA Champions. Think about it, in 2014 Russell Westbrook led the NBA in points, Lebron and Anthony Davis were number 3 and 4 on that list, with Carmelo putting up 24 a night as a New York Knick. If you need even more perspective, here's what team they were playing on at the time:

Lebron James: First Year back in Cleveland

Russell Westbrook: OKC with Kevin Durant

Anthony Davis: Pelicans, 3rd year in the League

Carmelo Anthony: Fifth Year with the Knicks

At the time, Lebron and Westbrook were competing at an incredibly high level, the Knicks... well the Knicks were the Knicks but Melo wasn't playing better than the headlines read, and Anthony Davis was, in the grand scheme of things, one of those guys ESPN pundits scream about having 'an incredibly high ceiling' still.

My point in comparing these two perspectives is that the NBA has changed so much, and putting a team like this together even 7 years laters is some MYGM NBA 2k stuff. The fact that this may be a reality with Carmelo's name entering the fold should NOT be a bad thing, especially because 1) there are better super teams out there and 2) this is a fantasy coming to life. We should be enjoying the Super Team era while we have it, because with Giannis winning the title and the media/fans reacting the way they did (rightfully so) I don't think it will be appealing for the younger generation of superstars to team up anymore. So regardless of the 4th guy they bring in, don't be mad, just enjoy this era of play in its probable dying years.