Lets play a Game... Whose More Fucked? The Giants or the jets

We are headed into week 3 and I believe this will be a telling week in the joke that has become New York Sports. This week the Giants are playing the 49ers, aka the team who beat the Jets 31-13 with Nick Mullins at the helm of the offense as well as a makeshift defense with all of their guys tearing their ACLs. Now everyone knows the Jets suck and will always suck, but the Giants are usually the better of the two evils when it comes to New York Football.

For some clarity, I will be evaluating QBs, HCs, O lines and Defenses. Now lets Get into it:


Sam Darnold: Grade C

Believe it or not Sam Darnold gets around a 70/100 for his quarter back play since he's been in the league. The dude can sling it... but he only shows it 5 times a year and you really have to dig through all the interception clips in order to find these. I mean hey, with that O Line and that coaching staff I get it, there's simply no scenario where a guy like that gets over a C, but sometimes he decides its a good idea to throw the ball to no one, questioning his ability to differentiate between the spiritual world and the real world. Who knows, maybe he was seeing ghosts.

Daniel Jones: Grade C+

Daniel Jones, Danny Dimes, Dany Dumbbells; whatever you want to call him it doesn't matter, the evaluation remains the same. My optimism toward the New York Giants ended after his performance against the steelers and bears, and unless he capitalizes against an injury riddled 49ers squad I simply don't know if the giants win over 5 games with him at the QB spot. In year two Daniel looks 10x better, but he really is Eli 2.0, the Tied Up Pod said it best when we said "Daniel Jones is playing Eli Manning right now in a movie about Peyton Manning".

Head Coach

Adam Gase: F-

Worst Head Coach in football and it isn't remotely close, potential the most deserving F- someone has ever deserved literally ever, that is if anyone can even attain that grade, but hey if you are one of the guys who got an F- good job, inspiring that you were able to read this far into the blog, keep up the practice and reading comprehension! Rants aside Jets fans consider Sam Darnold forever unclean despite his flashes of good quarterback play because he has been tainted by presence of Adam Gase's "creative offensive mind" as some sports media called him last year.

Joe Judge: C

Unproven but not looking good. Normally I would give any new head coach a C but it is a little bit of a tainted C because the team doesn't look any better than last year, despite player progression, O Line "improvements" and a new coaching staff. Judge was highly praised coming out of New England and I hate to say it but after two games things don't look bright; in player production, coaching (on game day), and systematic changes to the team. If he keeps this up we will be getting a new head coach by the end of next season

Giants O Line's: D+

It is as if Offensive line is the plague that New York Football teams desperately seek to avoid. I like the Giants O Line potential, Andrew Thomas needs to grow and that other Zeitler I think his name is we got from Cleveland is pretty good too, with that said Cam Fleming is potentially the worst offensive lineman in the league sources tell me (I have no sources) and the fact that I don't even know the other guys that make up the line is very telling. In what I thought would be a year of Danny Dimes slinging the rock and Saquan running through wide open holes up the middle I have been TERRIBLY mistaken and for the most part it's all on the O Line.

Jets O Line: F

Leveon Bell was arguably the best running back in the league (if not best definitely top 5), then he went to the Jets... Sam Darnold has negative seconds every time he drops back to throw the ball and if I am not mistaken (lets assume I'm not) I am pretty sure they let their best offensive linemen walk over the summer. Jets blow.

Both Defenses: D

I don't know which ones better, both defenses aren't at full strength, the Giants don't have Mckinley and the Jets don't have Mosley, obviously Mosley is better but I would love to see what the best safety in this years draft has to do once he gets healthy again. Neither really stands out, I would argue the Jets but it is close, which as a Giants Fan pains me to say

Overall: They Are Both Fucked, the Jets are Slightly More Fucked

The Jets are SOOOO FUUUCCCKKEDDD and the Giants are soooooooo fuuucckked. In a tight race for two of the top five most losing franchises over the past five years the Giants are about One step in front of the Jets, and it really boils down to Head Coach. That entire Jets team is broken due to the taint of Adam Gase, and I am not joking when I say they should trade the whole team fire the coach and restart as a franchise. The dude is the plague and the jets are infected, and hopefully Joe Judge lives up to the promise of his predecessors (Nick Saban and Bill Bellichick), but I am sure he won't.

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