Local Hero, Dusty Gooch, Takes NHL by Storm.

I'll be the first to admit I don't often dabble in Hockey - but there was one thing that caught my eye this weekend. The outdoor rinks are cool as shit and the backdrop is so breathtaking it almost looks fake, but honestly I watched because of the man himself.

Mr. Dusty R. Gooch.

I'd love to talk to the guy at the NHL that decided to bring out Mr. Dusty Gooch - i'd shake his hand. I haven't seen anyone bring together the NHL like Dusty. The guy's not even wearing skates and he's brought the sport together comparable to the likes of Wayne Gretzky. The NHL has always been the red head of the 'big four' sports leagues within the United States. It's always been a problem, but I'm glad that for an entire weekend, at the very least, the NHL was must watch TV.

It was almost too perfect of a story to not be a calculated play by the NHL to boost ratings. Dusty Gooch doesn't need the NHL, but the NHL sure as hell needs Dusty Gooch.

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