Mandalorian Chapter 11: Baby Yoda the Genocidal Maniac and Episode Recap


Seriously, go watch the episode. If you ruin this for yourself Obi-Wan will be very disappointed.


This week's episode of The Mandalorian was easily the most jaw dropping for the die hard Star Wars fans that have been following the animated shows. But even with Bo-Katan making her first live action appearance, Baby Yoda stole the show once again. Although this time not with his usual beady black eyes or his cute ass potato sack of an outfit, or even his dance moves that rival Baby Groot; this time people are calling for his throat. Bored Karen's from across the globe united to call Baby Yoda a genocidal maniac. A puppet of a child. Genocidal. Maniac.

Set up in the last episode, Din (Mando) was tasked to escort frog lady (seriously that's her name) and her developing eggs which is supposed to be the last of her family. Throughout the last two episode, our boy Baby Yoda has been helping himself to some midnight snacks no matter how much Mando tells him no. Honestly, it was a good, cheap laugh the first two times it happened but after like the fifth time it gets old. You gotta know some trophy wife is sitting in their plush suburban home watch over their teenage son's shoulder plotting how to take down something everyone loves. That just the world now.

What horseshit, if you want to try to judge people (or little green fucking aliens) realistically, don't watch a space show with laser beams and lightsabers.

Moving on from the bulshit let's get into the good stuff. HOLY FUCK BO-KATAN. She looked and acted exactly as I expected her to from watching The Clone Wars which is super relieving because of how shitty cartoon to live action adaptations typically are. Yes I'm looking at you M. Night's The Last Airbender movie.

Pretty damn good. Her whole squad of Mandalorian fighters are the alpha version of the criminal crew from that shitty Bill Burr episode in season 1. They save Mando and Baby Yoda from the frog pirates and capture an entire imperial cruiser while tossing squads of Stormtroopers aside making them look even more useless that usual. They're goal is to use the weapons onboard to arm the rebellion on Mandalore and retake control of their home which was lost during the takeover by Maul in The Battle of Mandalore during The Clone Wars. In the arc, Bo-Katan reluctantly allies herself with Asoka and the Jedi (even though technically Asoka wasn't one at the time) along with 501st Legion to dethrone Maul and are successful, just happened to be a day prior to Order 66. Tough luck.

At the end of the episode, Mando finally earned this information he's be looking for, the identity of a Jedi capable of taking care of Baby Yoda, Asoka Tano. I actually got chills writing that (Loser!). But really Asoka is rumored to be played by Rosario Dawson known in nerd culture as Claire the nurse in the Daredevil/Netflix Marvel Universe and she's baaaaaadasssss.

Perfect casting imo. Been wanting to see more Asoka since her stint on Rebels and we'll finally get to see where she ends up after being saved from the duel with Vader by Ezra using the World between Worlds. Both the fight from season 2 and the undoing of it in season 4 are absolute MUST WATCH moments for Star Wars diehards especially before Asoka most likely makes her way to The Mandalorian in Chapter 13 directed by Dave Filoni. This also marks this first person in The Mandalorian to meet Mando and Baby Yoda who knew Yoda so it should be interesting to see how Asoka handles seeing a reminder of her painful past.

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