Mandalorian Chapter 14 : Oh Shit They Really Did It.

Once again, If you haven't watched the lastest episode of The Mandalorian you're missing out big time. That being said...


Well, as soon as the title, THE TRAGEDY, came onto the screen it was obvious everything was going to go to shit. Oh god it didn't disappoint. Week after week The Mandalorian delivers high quality television combined with rich additions to Star Wars lore, reeling in a wide range of viewers into it's weekly audience. Jon Favreau is a god and should just be the showrunner for every TV show made from this point on. From birthing the MCU to reenergizing a stale Star Wars universe, everything the man touches turns to gold. Happy sure knows how to make people happy, or in this case, anxious for our little green friend.

Our duo of Mando and Grogu venture out to the planet Tython to find our not so young Jedi a master. Ahsoka told them in the last chapter that reaching out through the force on the stone may create a beacon for other Jedi in the galaxy to follow to Grogu. I noticed a lot of people seemed to be confusing this with Grogu himself using the seeing stone to find himself a capable master but it's a little more hopeless than that. The location they used for Tython was beautiful; I really enjoyed how this episode was shot so props to the first Latin-American Star Wars live action director, Robert Rodriguez. Soon after Grogu is placed on the seeing stone, Mando notices a very familiar ship coming through the atmosphere, THE SLAVE I !!!! I hope everyone jumped out their seats at that one, it was so cool to see the iconic ship with current CGI effects. Mando goes to check it out and finally comes face to face with a very disgruntled Boba Fest. I know we already saw him at the end of episode 1 of season 2, but damn the sarlac did some serious damage to this man's face. Kind of reminds me of Harry Osborne's face after Peter throws the goblin bomb at him in Spider-Man 3.

Yeah I'd say that's a pretty good comparison of ugly. Boba has been tracking Mando to get his armor back and is accompanied by Fennec Shand, who Mando had left for dead on Tatooine in Chapter 5. Not going to lie, I had no idea who she was when I was first watching the episode, but turns out the end of Chapter 5 was when we first thought we saw a Boba Fett like figure so it turns out the fans were right and her appearance isn't random. Boba rescued her from certain death and rebuilt her abdomen with mechanical parts (I guess shooting or slicing people in the abs just means absolutely nothing in Star Wars, i.e. Darth Maul). As tensions build between the three of them, Moff Gideon's forces attack, having followed the tracking beacon placed on the Razor's Crest in Chapter 12. This begins one of the coolest fight sequences in all of Star Wars. Boba Fett is a BEAST. He uses his stabby cane rip through plenty of Stormtroopers, bashing their armor to pieces and giving some serious headaches. He reminded me a lot of the fighting style of the force sensitive monk in Rouge One, Chirrut. After a bit of fighting, Boba eyes up the abandon Razor's Crest and takes back what is his. It was glorious.

He shreds Stormtroopers even better than before breaking out all the tools including some pretty badass knee rockets. He even used the iconic missile launcher on his jetpack and putt Cobb Vanth's lack of skill to shame by taking out two troop transports with one shot. Mando and Fennec were also killing lots of Stormtroopers during this but to be honest who the hell even cared about them. This was Boba's time and it was long overdue. After the tide looks to have swung for our group of mercenaries, boom goes the Razor's Crest. I was happy when this happened only because that means we'll be traveling in the Slave I for the remainder of the season and that is infinitely cooler. Grogu finally completed his force beacon and falls asleep on the stone playing right into Gideon's hands. Gideon deploys his darktroopers which feel very reminiscent of Thrawn's personal guard and training droids from Rebels, and they swoop up Grogu and return him to their destroyer.

Now this next part I had a hard time understanding, Boba follows them through the clouds and sees the Imperial Star Destroyer saying, "They're back, the Empire... They're back.". Haven't they been fighting Stormtroopers for 14 episodes now?? How after all thats been thrown at them did they not assume that the Empire never really went away. Seemed dumb to me but whatever it didn't take anything away from the episode. When the trio reconvene, we finally get canon confirmation that Jango was indeed a true Mandalorian, a Foundling who fought in the Mandalorian Civil Wars which is super cool and adds so much value to both Jango and Boba's past stories. Now that Boba and Mando are officially teamed up, I starting to sense this could end very poorly for Boba to really give the fans a gut punch at the end of the season. It would also be a cool way to come full circle for Boba since in ROTJ he "died" trying to execute Luke Skywalker and is now risking his life for a Jedi. Now my least favorite part of the episode, Bill Burr returning. Bill Burr is a funny comedian don't get me wrong, but god that episode he starred in last season SUCKED. He was uninteresting and unconvincing and just made me want to crawl out of my skin every time he was on screen. He's also on record saying that Star Wars is lame and people that like it are lame so I have no sympathy for a harsh review. Nevertheless, it seems like the next chapter of The Mandalorian will consist of our new team breaking him out of his Imperial Prison which could be entertaining.

Grogu being held by Moff Gideon makes me very very nervous. However, he absolutely FUCKED up those stormtroopers with the force. Moff is an asshole though and stuns a kid, declaring "They have their donor". Uh-oh, looks like he might finally get his force sensitive army. I guess we'll have to see how they wrap things up in the final two episodes of the season.

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