NBA Christmas is Tradition

Football owns Thanksgiving and basketball owns Christmas, at least that's what the Bible says I think. And quick shoutout to the NBA for doing a wayyy better job than the NFL has in recent years when it comes to these holiday matchups. The difference has been not only noticeable, but the comparison in entertainment value hasn't even been close. After all, holidays are a time for family, friends, food, drinks, and obviously sports because why should athletes get to enjoy holidays like the rest of us? I mean we obviously need them to entertain us when we are done eating and are tired of making small talk with family who only care enough to see us once or twice a year. "These athletes get paid millions of dollars, who gives a shit about their personal lives they singed up for this!" Yeah its not like they're just pawns for big business and TV ratings they don't have families and feelings like the rest of us right? Right.... well I'm not gonna complain too much because my drunk ass will be watching them all nonetheless. Well anyways that little rant aside, that cannot distract even the casual sports fan from the absolute SLATE of games the NBA has blessed us with (even though it doesn't include my Knicks which is a travesty). Lets take a look into some of these matchups shall we?

Pelicans V. Heat

This is an intriguing matchup of young teams with just enough veteran leadership to make a nice run this season. I do not see a world where the Heat even sniff the finals this year, but they do have talent. I expect their young guns to put on a show this year as they all gained some seasoning in the Bubble. Jimmy will do a little bit of everything as always, and keep this team relevant all year. The Pelicans have the be a playoff team this year. I mean after extending in my opinion, one of the most overlooked stars in today's game, Brandon Ingram, they have to start winning. Zion, if healthy, makes this team a scary first round matchup. Tomorrow though I got a 30 ball from Tyler Herro and a Heat dub.

Bucks V. Warriors

Not much needs to be said about this matchup. The Bucks are gonna be pissed after Jason Tatum's fraudulent heroics (didn't even call bank) and will come out and shit-pump this Warriors team. I feel bad for Steph, they lose Klay and and they get Kelly Oubre who was probably too busy daydreaming about Dwight Howard to be of any use against the Nets. And Andrew Wiggins... can we please call this guy a bust as a number one pick yet? Bucks by 25.

Nets V. Celtics

This is the best game of the day. The Nets looked awesome and KD and Kyrie didn't even need to takeover. I know it was the Warriors, but this team is damn good and deep as fuck. The Celtics are a solid team and Jayson Tatum is a superstar, but their window passed after they couldn't get over the hump the last few years. Its the Nets time now. Honestly, I think Jeff Teague can run this offense just as good as Kemba and facilitate the ball to their best players, Tatum and Brown. Kemba's the third option and I will not hear otherwise. Granted he is hurt, but even if he is healthy I got the Nets 7/10 times in this matchup. Nets by 6, and if they stay healthy they're your NBA champions.

Lakers V. Mavs

If Kristaps was playing I would rank this as the number one game. Luka is going to be the face of the NBA in 2 years or less. He is the NBA MVP favorite for a reason, he's a DOG. I really don't love their supporting cast, I guess THJ is good? I still really don't know he's been inconsistent since he's stepped foot on an NBA court. Josh Richardson doesn't excite me too much, he's a playmaker but he doesn't score effectively at all three levels. The Lakers looked rusty, but Lebron is not going to get shown up on Christmas Day by his competition for the MVP. Lebron triple-double, The Brow 28+, and maybe we will even see a little Jared Dudley. Luka keeps it interesting until the 4th, then the Lakers coast to a victory.

Clippers V. Nuggets

Ah, yes the nightcap. Two Western Conference hopefuls, but unfortunately they once again may as well not even bother showing up because the Lakers WILL win the West again, no question. Granted, they are both two very good squads and this will be an awesome game to watch to wrap up the day. Jokic may look like he has the athletic ability of Randy from Trailer Park Boys, but man can he hoop (shoutout for being on my fantasy team). Jamal Murray is really coming into his own, and more power to him for posting his meat on his IG, he should've owned it and left it up his girl's bad as hell good for him. Anyway, I think there is no way Paul George repeats his performance from the other night I swear I thought I was watching a 2013 Pacers game. Also, there should be a magnifying glass on Kawhi all year, does he really even wanna be there? This will be a tight one, but give me the Nuggets by 3.

Merry Christmas everyone, enjoy these games as much as I will. And before I go, I am once again asking Adam Silver to do the right thing and put the fucking Knicks back at noon next year.

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