NBA Opening Night: What to Expect

NBA opening day is set for December 22nd and they gifted us with the best possible opening night games. The first game is Nets vs. Warriors and in my opinion that is going to be the game to watch. We will finally get to see the Nets in full force this season with KD and Kyrie looking to be healthy. The second game is Lakers vs. Clippers and that's always entertaining to watch, but not nearly as entertaining as the first game will be. With both teams looking healthy, minus Klay Thompson, we will get a look at the new Nets and Warriors teams.

This week is Media Week and so far it's been pretty boring and not much information has been given about really anything. All we've been hearing is "no comment" and the usual standard media responses. There have been some rumors about the nets acquiring Zach Levine and that will make the Nets even scarier than they already are. But people are forgetting that the Warriors put in work this offseason too.

Projected Starting Lineups:


  1. Kyrie Irving

  2. Zach Levine (maybe)

  3. Caris LeVert

  4. Kevin Durant

  5. DeAndre Jordan


  1. Stephen Curry

  2. Andrew Wiggins

  3. Kelly Oubre Jr.

  4. Draymond Green

  5. Marquese Chriss

This is my prediction for right now, but anything could change from now until opening day. If the Nets don't get Levine (which I doubt they do) then put Joe Harris in at SF and Levert at SG, but regardless their starting lineup is going to be dirty. The warriors, on the other hand, have James Wiseman too and their bench always plays great under Steve Kerr.

It is going to be really fun to watch the Curry/Kyrie matchup again and then you throw KD back in against his former team. Everyone is going to be watching this game to see if KD is still the best scorer in the NBA and if the Warriors are going to be legit again. I am expecting KD to just absolutely go off against Draymond with a lot of shit talking between the two. KD has been in the shadows plotting his return and we all know it. He is going to want to show that the Warriors are nothing without him, and they might be honestly. Their team looks good on paper, but comparatively they got a bunch of scrubs. Remember when everyone thought Andrew Wiggins was going to be the next LeBron? He's been ass cheeks and falls under the long draft bust list of the Cavaliers. I want to say that the Warriors are going to get blown out, but you never really know with Steve Kerr. He's played and coached against KD and Kyrie many times before and I trust his coaching scheme. We will have to see what Steve Nash brings to the Nets as well.

Basically December 22nd is going to be a fun night for basketball with this game AND the Lakers/Clippers game. The only thing better than this would be Nets/Lakers or maybe Suns/Hornets. This season won't be as electric as the bubble was, but there is a lot to be excited for. Lets just pray for no more injuries and see how the preseason goes.

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