NFL 2021 Power Rankings

Not gonna lie I can't believe I haven't done this sooner. Nonetheless the day has come, lets get into it.

32. Houston Texans

The Texans just shouldn't be allowed to play football this year. Reports from every direction say that Deshaun Watson will not be playing and they have no talent at any offensive spot on the field. If Deshaun doesn't play they won't win a game, if he does I think their maximum win potential is somewhere in the high 20's. They are very bad at football.

31. New York Jets

Jets fans thinking teams like the Bengals, Lions, Giants, Jags, or Broncos are much worse then them have another thing coming. The Jets in my eyes actually have a bright future -- I think they have an amazing Head Coach who they hired this year in Robert Salah, a rookie QB who is poised to make tons of mistakes but ready to learn from them, and overall a decent team. With that said it again its all going to be on their young QB, and when teams tons of pressure on young quarter backs it never ends well, especially when the team is the New York Jets. Look for Wilson to improve toward the end of the season, but as far as producing wins go they will be at, or very close to the worse record in the NFL.

30. Cincinnati Bengals

It's weird to say but I actually think the Bengals have a bright future. I'm a Joe Burrow fan and I like their coach Zach Taylor, I even LIKED them drafting Ja'marr Chase because it shows their dedication/commitment to Burrow. But with that said Burrow is going to need some more time to back in the swing of things, and due to their drafting Chase they missed out on some great O-line talent. Their offense has talent but their defense was among the worst in the league, and I just don't think their offense will be good enough to put up the amount of points their defense will give up.

29. Jacksonville Jaguars

Urban Meyer already is looking shaky at the helm, bringing in Tim Tebow and opening himself to a TON of scrutiny is one thing, but continuing to say theres a QB competition between Minshew and Lawrence is a HUGE mistake if it's true. It seems as though Urban Meyer is taking the college head coach mentality of not looking toward the future and just trying to win now, but a good head coach especially on the first year of his deal spends time trying to build something rather than push for immediate wins. Even if Minshew is playing well it's more important to start Lawrence so he can get his reps in. I think it's another bad year for the Jag's, brought on by a TON of torment from the media.

28. Detroit Lions

The Lions just took a massive blow when they traded away Matt Stafford for Jared Goff, their defense doesn't have many play makers and their offense is pretty bland all around. I don't think Goff is as big of an idiot as everyone likes to say but I wouldn't be surprised if he plays decent this year. At the end f the day Goff was in the Super Bowl just a few years ago and the Lions brought in a head coach who players, fans, and management are absolutely pumped about. I'm curious to see what these two can make from little to nothing to work with.

27. Carolina Panthers

The Panthers just brought in Sam Darnold and have one of, if not the best, running backs in the league Christian McCaffrey coming back. This will be Matt Rhule's second year with the team so it's time to show some improvement, but unfortunately I do not think that's possible with Darnold at QB. The Jets ruined him, lets just be real, and honestly they have the worst roster in their division, which unfortunately is what it boils down to.

26. Denver Broncos

The Broncos aren't necessarily a bad team, they have a decent roster, but it comes down to Drew Lock and the fact they are in a loaded division. I know a lot of people think Drew Lock is the guy, but I am certainly not sold on him, especially when he has to play the Chiefs, Chargers, and Raiders. If they make the switch to Teddy Bridgewater I think it's just going to be more of the same -- a very mediocre team in a great division.

25. Philadelphia Eagles

For started their new coach seems to be an idiot, and I am not sold in the slightest on Jalen Hurts. I think the NFC East is going to be better with guys like Dak and Saquan back healthy, as well as Free Agent improvements from all teams except them. The games will be competitive in the division FOR SURE, but I just don't see the Eagles getting the better of them. The duo of Jalen Hurts and DeVonta Smith will be a danger to all teams at some point, but I just don't think its this year.

24. Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons lost Julio Jones, so in my eyes they aren't very good anymore. Drafting Kyle Pitts was a great move for them, but they will for sure regret not taking Trey Lance (conversation for another day). Matty Ice is getting older and although he's got some game left I don't think he's good enough to be on a winning team, the way the division is set up, any more. Look for the Falcons to put up a good fight in the first 10 games, but after that they will collapse.

23. Miami Dolphins

Tua has already been duped a bust after his disappointing in last season, and although I disagree with that sentiment I don't think the Dolphins have a good team this year. Tua, although I do not think he's a bust, definitely needs some more time.

22. Minnesota Vikings:

The Vikings are the definition of average, and although Justin Jefferson had a great year last year, he's been talking a lot of smack -- enough to make every DB want to hit him a little harder than usual. I think this division will be led of coarse by the Packers, but also once Fields gets the nod I think he's rookie of the year and stands a good chance at leading the bears back to the wildcard spot.

21. Washington Football Team

This hurts, because I want to see Fitzmagic lead this team to a division title and a playoff run but I just don't like the way things sound from their camp. River Boat Ron has been very outspoken about players being vaccinated and players just don't seem to want to listen to him. On top of that I think they benefited heavily from a weak division last season, and now that I think all the teams in this division are back to being competent I don't see them being better than the Giants or the Cowboys.

20. New England Patriots

The Pats made significant additions to their roster this off-season, but they still have a problem at QB. I don't think this team knows which QB they want to play, and Hunter Henry is already hurt. Their roster is great on paper, but when they hit the field I am unsure if its going to work. Only time will tell with this team, so I have them in the middle of the pack.

19. New Orleans Saints

Is it Jameis's team? Is it Taysoms' Team? Who knows, but neither are good enough to bring a great season to New Orleans. Anywhere between 18-14 are teams good enough to sneak in the wildcard spot, so we will see, but regardless I expect nothing but a lackluster year from the once great New Orleans Saints.

18. Pittsburg Steelers

The Steelers will fall of this season and fall of hard. Are they below the top 20, no, but definitely below the top 15. Mike Tomlins coaching has been carrying this team over the past few years but in my eyes the division has finally caught up to them and even surpassed them. Big Ben is very old, and despite him "eating right" (theres no shot he is) I just don't think they have enough to hang with the young teams in the AFC

17. Chicago Bears

I love Fields, and I still love their defense. I think Fields is rookie of the year without question, and the Bears are entirely capable of sneaking into the playoffs as a wildcard team. WIth that said the Bears are a disappointment franchise, so I expect them to lead their fans on and disappoint in the end. Whether that be in the Playoffs or right at the end of the season, their fans will not be satisfied, they never are.

16. New York Giants

Another disappointment out of New York, it sucks. Not sold on Daniel Jones, at all. I think the team is good enough to sneak in the playoffs but without a very good QB they aren't good enough to win the division, unless of course the division is similar to last season but I highly doubt it. Hopefully they keep the rest of the team happy and together, but this may be Dimes last year as the undisputed starting QB in Big Blue

15. Arizona Cardinals

I think the Cardinals will have a bad year in their eyes, and will probably miss the playoffs yet again. The Cardinals are hit or miss, and with the addition of Stafford to the Rams, the Seahawks being the Seahawks, and the Niners back healthy this team however good they may be is the odd team out. It sucks but its true.

14. San Francisco 49ers

The Niners are back and Trey Lance is their guy. Tough break for Jimmy Garropalo but thats just how it goes sometimes. This team can be dangerous, or very bad, and I although I think they will be dangerous, you really never know with them, which is why I have them right in the middle of the pack

13. Vegas Raiders

Good enough to sneak in, but not better than the Charged or the Chiefs. Although I am convinced the Gruden experiment is going to workout, like the Giants and Saints I do not know if Carr is their guy long-term. I am more optimistic about Carr than the others, and I truly believe they are a good receiver away from being a perennial playoff team, but they don't have that.

12. Indianapolis Colts

The Colts have a great roster, enough to get them to the playoffs, but definitely not enough to carry Carson Wentz to glory. He may be reuniting with Frank Reich, but I do not see a scenario where this team over achieves or under achieves, similar to last season. The Colts are ranked in my eyes EXACTLY where they should be, and I think their fans are honestly going to be alright with that.

11. Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys have a great roster, but a bad head coaching staff. Although I hate the cowboys their roster is enough to bring them to a division title, but in the playoffs where coaching matters more than it does in the regular season, I just don't see them performing at a high level. They benefit from a relatively weak division for sure, but no way this team goes further than just making it to the dance

10. San Diego Chargers

Love Herbert and the boys in San Diego this year. With all of their key guys back and a new head coach, I think this team stands a legitimate shot to be the darkhorse team this playoff season. Their lack of playoff games, combined with a new head coach and 2nd year QB might be their downfall, but sleeping on this team would be a huge mistake.

9. Baltimore Ravens

Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens have proved year after year that they are one of the best regular season teams in the league, but in Lamar's 4th year team's have to have him figured out a little bit, right? Regardless we know when push comes to shove Baltimore is not a good playoff team, and before I rank them in the top I am going to need to see them perform when the lights are brightest.

8. Cleveland Browns

I am a Baker Mayfield believer. Sue Me. This team is ready to breakout, they have talent in the backfield, recieving corps, offensive line, and on defense... the only thing missing is a Baker Breakout year. When the lights are on Baker shows up, I assume this take is going to make you click away but i dont care, Baker Mayfield has a real shot at MVP this year, Mark, My, Words. I called Aaron Rogers last year and im looking to make it two in a row.

7. Tennessee Titans

The Titans added the best receiver the NFL has seen since Megatron, Julio Jones, this offseason to an already loaded offense. With Ryan Tannehil as an above average game manager, Julio and Aj Brown Receiving, King Derick Henry Running the ball, and a very solid defense I expect them to be hard to beat. Despite this, the Titans don't have a good enough QB to win the biggest games, and are depending too much on Derrick Henry. I understand the addition of Julio Jones is a game changer in that regard, but you need an elite QB to compete at the highest level, and Tannehil just isn't that.

6. Seattle Seahawks

This is familiar territory for Seattle fans, very good team, but not the best in the league. In the off-season the Rams got MUCH stronger and had already beaten Seattle last season when it counted the most. It's time for Russel Wilson to leave, or Pete Carrol to retire because those days of being the best in the league are LONG gone. Focusing solely on the team itself, they are good enough to compete in the biggest of games, so is every team at this point, but what I know for a fact is they didn't make any significant roster changes, where as the teams that were behind them did, and the teams that were above them did.

5. Buffalo Bills

Josh Allen, and Stephon Diggs need to take another leap if they want to stay in the top 5 this season, and I have complete faith they will. I expect Josh Allen to be an MVP candidate going into the post season and the Bills Mafia to be absolutely rolling headed to the playoffs. The only reason I don't have them rated higher is due to the fact they only have the one exceptional year under their belt, if they had more they would be at number 4 in my eyes.

4. Los Angeles Rams

Picking up Matt Stafford is huge from the Rams, and I could not be more excited to see what Mcvay has planned for week one. Bottom line, the Rams system on offense has proven it can get you to a super bowl, even when Jared Goff is your QB, and they have two of the best defensive players in the league right now (Aaron Donald best player in the NFL). The rams should be in contention for the title, but we will see.

3. Green Bay Packers

The Last Dance, as Davante Adams and Aaron Rogers are calling it, the Packers dynamic duo is giving it all in this one last season together in Green Bay and I think they have what it takes to go the distance. Aaron seems to be more bought in then he was last year (probably because he has more roster control), and Davante Adams is Davante Adams.

2. Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes is out for revenge this year on Tom Brady and the Bucs, and for those who thouhght that they should rated ahead of the Buccaneers are off their rockers. With that said I can't wait to see a vengeful Pat Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill, and Andy Reid this season. Get your popcorn ready.

1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tom Brady. Never Underestimate Tom Brady. That is all.

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