NFL 'No Taunting Rule' is Bound to Be a Year Long Issue

It was not too long ago that the NFL was dubbed as a "No Fun League" when celebrations were banned. The outrage was so significant that Roger Goodell and the league's officials were left with no other choice but to allow these touchdown dances we have come to love. Fast Forward to the 2021 NFL Season and a new rule has been put in place that very well could mirror the outrage we previously saw.

Personal Foul: Displaying Emotion

The NFL must want the players to look like they are having the least fun possible. I truly believe we will see the exact response as the touchdown celebration rule and that the taunting rule will be taken away come the seasons end. Until then, we will have to hear weekly discussions about how "The League has gone soft." Or NFL vets like Shannon Sharpe saying things like "players today would not have lasted in the league I played in!"


I can only imagine the RAGE fans will have when their teams are penalized for taunting and it costs them the game. This shows yet another reason why Roger Goodell needs to get the hell out of the league office. The countless rules and mistakes this guy has made is ridiculous. He can allow a guy like Deshaun Watson, who is facing 20 domestic assault charges, play week one, but when Patrick Mahomes flexes after throwing a bomb for a touchdown THAT is when the line is drawn. We will once again see why these officials have no idea what they are doing, but until the rule is changed we are going to have to be prepared for this year long outrage.

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