NY Jets fans afraid Zach Wilson May Be 'Sam Darnold 2.0'

Look away Jets fans. Major Deja Vu incoming.

That is a wild accusation after two training camp practices. Are these officials quick to say he is a bust because he is genuinely looking lost or is it only due to wearing the Green and White uniform. As a New York Native, I have first hand insight on how quickly things can spiral out of control. Mark Sanchez, Geno Smith, Christian Hackenberg, and Sam Darnold to name a few.

However, Jets head coach Robert Saleh provided the fans with some comfort as he did not seem too worried.

The kid's going to be fine' - Robert Saleh

Ah thank you, Rob. And just like that the Jets fans feel fine right?

Very comedic tweet reply by some handsome man. It is to be seen how Wilson comes to handle the inevitable pressure from the media that New York comes with. Local BYU friend of mine is quoted saying "Wilson is not built for NY." Could be true, but only time will tell. The arm strength and raw skill is what the kid was drafted for and at this point we have to trust that the Jets Front office knew what they were getting into. The real reason I think Wilson is getting all of the hate so far, is probably just because both QBs drafted after him have been balling out in preseason.

We all know that there was a lot of red flags and concern circling around Justin Fields heading into the draft, but the word is that since the minute he has arrived in Chicago, they could not be happier. Kid is dialed in, first one in last one out. He can make every throw & pretty much mastered the playbook. I saw a video of him slinging a side arm TD and, I'm sorry, but I immediately saw a glimpse of Patrick Mahomes.

Jets Fans: Okay maybe Trey Lance is even being shown up by Fields. His teammates may wish they drafted Fields too.... right?

No, not quite.

LB Dre Greenlaw on rookie QB Trey Lance:

“Best arm I’ve ever seen hands down”

Yeah, I could go on a whole rant about how much I love Trey Lance, but I will leave it at one potentially not even hot take: Trey Lance: Best QB in this loaded draft class. Lawrence, Fields, Lance. Talk about a draft class to be excited about.

What is this article about again? Oh Wilson. That's right. This kid would have gotten bust shout outs even if he had not stepped on the field yet. He is in a tough spot being drafted before those two studs AND happening to play for the media empire we call New York.

The best thing Wilson can do is worry about himself and learn from whatever mistakes he is making now so they will be fixed come Week 1. Early Struggles are not something that is unique to Zach Wilson. Many GREATS have struggled early and not just preseason.

No I did not just say he is the next Mahomes. Far from it actually. I literally just compared the guy drafted 10 picks after him to the Super Bowl MVP. As a New Yorker, I can't help but feel sympathetic for the Jets franchise as they haven't seen a QB that could provide them hope in quite some time.

Time for Wilson to lock in and block out all of the noise. If he doesn't he will be swallowed up and thrown in the pile of Jets QB busts that we have gotten way too used to.

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