Playboi Carti Drops Music Video For 'Sky' From His Hit Album 'WLR'

It's been a few months since we've heard from Playboi Carti in terms of anything music-related. The last time we heard from him was on Christmas when he dropped his highly anticipated album 'Whole Lotta Red'. The album was very successful in terms of numbers, debuting at number one on the US Billboard 200 and sales hitting 100k in its first week. The album came out with strong singles including, 'Sky', which is the track that had its music video released early Friday.

The video starts with Carti and his boys going into a supermarket and starting chaos by destroying everything off the shelves and creating a disaster. The rest of the video is the same with them also breaking into the Pharmacy of the supermarket. For which they also continue to steal and destroy all medications on the shelves too. The whole music video is just complete rioting and destruction which is mainly what Carti's style on this single and his last album is filled with.

The video itself gives a very rockstar and gothic vibe which is something that Carti usually aims for, and it's looking pretty solid. The way the color Green is used throughout the video also helps give off that dark vibe Carti was looking to embrace.

Lately, Carti has been on Instagram, rumoring at new music coming out and potentially releasing a new project which is definitely something to look forward to. Not only has he been active on IG, but he also hinted at releasing a deluxe on Twitter, a few days after he released the album in late December. There has been a lot of debate regarding which type of style and vibe Carti should release. One being his old style before 'Whole Lotta Red' or 'WLR' that includes famous leaks like 'Kid Cudi' that blew up in 2019 along with 'Cancun' that blew up on Tik Tok in 2020. The other style being his rockstar style that he has been experimenting with on 'WLR' which is something that I personally enjoy and expect a lot from soon.

We hope to see more of Carti's work whether it be music videos or new music in general, with the new punk vibe he's been introducing to the rap game.

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