Poop anxiety goes terribly wrong

Toilet Anxiety is not a joke. If you suffer from toilet anxiety, you know that pooping in a school bathroom is easier said than done. Imagine you are a young man with toilet anxiety, and you’re just trying to push out a quick log in between study hours. You freeze up when you hear those two kids from Spanish class playing a vicious game of battleshits in the stalls next to you, and all you can feel is fear. Your pants around your ankles, palms sweaty, perched up on an inch thick wall of the taxpayer’s toilet paper, you pray they leave soon so you can exorcise the demons inside of you. You knew the extra quesarito was a mistake, and yet, you did it anyway. “What’s the worst that can happen?” You asked yourself in a Taco Bell drive through at 2am. Well, here you are, full of fear and regret. Now, that’s just a average, run of the mill day for a man struggling with toilet anxiety. Pooping with other students or teachers in the bathroom is already difficult enough for those with the timid poopoo condition, but what if a full blown fight found it’s way into your stall while you were taking the browns to the Super Bowl? Well Twitter user @imjustbait witnessed just that, when he took this video…

First off, thoughts and prayers to this dude. What can he do? His heart is probably pounding out of his chest when someone coughs nonetheless the second he hears a couple dudes start wailing on each other. And then they bust in beating the shit out of each other while he just sits there with his meat out and a log halfway out of his ass? What really baffled me was how long he decided to just sit there with his pants down. Towards the end at least he gave it a college try and covered himself up a little bit. The moral of the story is: If you have toilet anxiety, you need to prepare yourself, because you never know WHAT is going to come through those doors. Maybe check out WebMD I’m sure they got a few great pieces on all things anus.

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