Porzingis EMBARRESSED during his Return to the Garden.

Updated: Aug 5

Draft Night. 2015. The Knicks are on the Clock.

Following another abysmal season we were looking for any hope.

We all remember how this went.

All the hatred we had towards the front office went towards Kristaps Porzingis.

We all know what happened.

Stephen A Smith and all of us Knick fans ended up eating our words as "The Unicorn" went on a tear his rookie season hitting three pointers and getting put back dunks.

Kristaps looked the part and it seemed like we had a guy to build around. Well, it seemed like it. That's something us Knick fans come to expect. It was too good to be true.

This long fuck and his weird brother met with the team and "expressed concern" with the direction of the team and how they were dissatisfied with the losing. Well no shit pal. Welcome to the club. This is why it was YOUR job to change that and as for the direction maybe step up and be a better leader.

I can't completely put the blame on Porzingis for wanting to leave, he did have to deal with Kurt Rambis as a coach and that Old Fuck Phil Jackson. Dude was carried in a Jansport by Michael Jordan and set back this Knick team for years to come. Fast forward to the trade deadline and well..

Look at this trade. We got ransacked by the Mavs and lost our only hope. This was the front offices fault partially, but if Kristaps truly wanted to stay he could've. He was just being a cry baby and gave up on New York. This is something us knick fans will never forget.


And we now meet back up with our Lativian friend at MSG amid our comeback season currently possessing the 6th seed in the East.

I will speak for all Knick fans, and man did that feel good. I was happy he bricked it. The only thing better would've been a putback dunk on his head. Imagine that..

This is all I needed to see. I am fulfilled. A putback was the ice cream, It being by our rookie Obi Toppin was the whipped cream, and it being ON Kristaps' head was the cherry on top. Not only did you just watch those two clips, but may I add he went 1-10 in the first half.

Hope your skinny brother was watching, Kristaps.



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