Put Some Respect On My Name!

Media always has a funny way of picking favorites and never deviating from the norm. This is no different in sports, as the same athletes from every league are always getting all the screen-time, popularity, and fame. Well I am here to give some damn respect to players in three of America's major sports leagues who just don't get the attention they deserve. ESPN, Bleacher Report, and major sport Twitter pages always feels the need to suck off the same athletes even if their team gets dogged in a game. The Lakers can lose a game and all the talk and highlights will be surrounded by Lebron. Even that baldy Caruso will get more love than a player on the opposing squad who may not have a household name, but went out and helped lead their team to victory. Sure maybe there is not a lot of love to go around all the time, but there has to be moments dedicated to those steady, underappreciated athletes. So lets point out a few, shall we?

Malcolm Brogdon (IND) - NBA

This dude won rookie of the year in a weak class back in '16/17 and really has not received much love since. However, after leaving Milwaukee and escaping Giannis' shadow, he has really come into his own. Last year in Indiana he averaged 16.5/7/5. This year he is averaging 23/7.5/4. This is some serious production coming from the point guard position and it seems like no young fan even knows who he is. Playing in Indiana does not help, it's pretty much one of the most irrelevant markets in the sports world. Quite frankly its one of the shittiest places for a player to gain off-court popularity. If he keeps this production up all year, the Pacers will be a tough matchup in the playoffs. Let's hope Caris LeVert is healthy soon and can team up with this beast in the backcourt.

Jonnu Smith (TEN) - NFL

I have to say this guy is definitely a beneficiary of a deadly run game, but holy shit can he play tight end. He's a 250 pound blocking and route running machine, and man does he have a nose for the end zone. He really was one of Tannehill's top red zone targets all season long, and flashed his after the catch ability as a big man on multiple occasions this year. Last year he showed potential, but this year he was really one of the top tight ends in the league and he's only 25. He played in 15 of 16 games, hauled in 41 balls for 450 yards and 8 touchdowns in a run heavy offense with two stud receivers already on the team. He's still young and is still developing his route tree, but look for him to be one of the first tight ends off the board in your fantasy drafts next year.

Jeff McNeil (NYM) - MLB

I know, I know my bias may be showing a little bit here. But seriously this guy can flat out play the game of baseball as well as some of your favorite players. He can play right, left, second, and third all at a very high level. And oh wait... he has hit .319 (with some sneaky power) in his first 248 games in the Bigs. Don't sleep on this kid, he already has made one all-star game in his short career and I expect more to come. However, you never see him come up in the conversation as one of the best players in the league, let alone at any of the aforementioned positions. I get that he doesn't necessarily have a set position on the Mets and that never helps the case, but something needs to be said about a swiss army knife that can play all 162 at four positions. Jeff, you're the fucking MAN keep doin your thing on the diamond.

All those athletes out there who come to play every night and don't see their names on any headlines, see themselves on any highlights, or get snubbed of accolades they deserve, I'm here for you. Yeah it probably doesn't mean shit but hey someone has got to be the voice of the voiceless and stand up to the cowards at ESPN.

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