Ride the Couch NFL Week 14 Locks

After some rough outings for the couch in the past few weeks, you could say we're overdue. Seems like the perfect time to hop on if you haven't already, or double down if you've been on the losing end of some of our picks. NFL season is wrapping up so take advantage and throw some ignorant and irresponsible parlays in like a normal person.

Cam's Locks

Total Record: 26-27

NO @PHI u43


HOU -1.5

DAL -3.5

LAC +1.5

Mega lock parlays are 1-0 at +1.4u

Huge parlay this week because I absolutely love all of these picks and when the board gives you the opportunity to string together games like this, you can't turn away.

Parlay Odds: +498

SEA ML -910

DAL ML -158

TEN ML -335

TB ML -305

HOU -1.5

Scoops' Locks

Total Record: 23-22-1

Yes, Scoops pulled ahead in locks this week, maybe ride the hot hand?

TEN -7.5

ARI -3

TB -6.5

NO@PHI u43

And like always, thanks for reading and listening, and RIDE THE DAMN COUCH!

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