RIP Snow Days

Snow days are dead and it's BULLSHIT! Snow days have been the staple of our society during winter-time for as long as I could remember. Everyone in cold weather climates dreads the winter and the cold temperatures it brings. However, there was always the off-chance of a snow day. Everyone would rejoice whether it be grown adults who have work off for the day or school children everywhere getting the day off from school. Everyone lives for the snow day, it's like an extra weekend day no matter what day it happens on. A huge snow day meant a free day for everyone to either sit inside and just relax or go outside and participate in snow activities. Building snowmen, sledding, snowball fights, building a snow fort, all of this was possible on a snow day. My personal favorite was snow football. Just getting a bunch of kids to play tackle football without the repercussions of hitting the ground hard because you have a soft sheet of snow to protect your fall.

Over the past two days, a huge nor'easter has hit the Northeast states with snowfall as much as 3 feet of snow in some places! This was one of the largest snowfalls in the past few years as of last winter it barely even snowed once. However, there were no snow days anywhere even with snow falling for 48 hours straight. Since COVID has brought the entire world virtually to stop the spreading of the diseases, this eliminates every factor for a snow day. The purpose of snow days was to keep everyone safe and off the road and allow for snow removal everywhere. Since everything is online and can be done from people's homes, there is no point in a snow day anymore. I think it's bullshit because there is nothing to look forward to anymore. No hope of breaking up your schedule and getting a day off to just relax and reboot.

Nothing will ever hit better than that call at 5 am on a weekday of your office or school calling you to tell you that everything is canceled for the day. You can sleep in as long as you want, drink a hot chocolate and do whatever you want to do for the day. Snow days were basically personal mental health days without being marked absent or taking a day off of work. They were free passes and everyone got them and I think they make society better as a whole. Somehow we need to incorporate snow days back into our lives because this is pissing me off.

This also sucks for anyone who wants to shovel and remove snow to make a few extra bucks on their day off. Personally, I worked 14 hours in the past two days and I still had to manage my classes and show up for them. No human should have to go through that. There is no consideration for the blue collared hard-working Americans anymore. I was just trying to make some extra money and I had to rush home after a night of no sleep to watch some sleazy ass professors lecturing to me on a screen all day. I think online school is the biggest scam of all time and the least we can do to solve this societal dilemma is to BRING SNOW DAYS BACK!

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