Rob Dyrdek has Taken Over MTV

What's up Internet. As an adult, I acknowledge that maybe I've been out of the loop for a bit doing real-life shit, but I didn't know I was so far out in left field. With the whole pandemic thing, as well as the time-off from work due to the Holidays, I've had plenty of time to myself, and happened to stumble across some shit that's absolutely boggled my mind. MTV, everyone's favorite TV Network at some point in their life, has decided to throw in the towel. Before you get ahead of yourself, no, I'm not talking about that horrendous show about the kids from Staten Island that got cancelled the weekend after it premiered, but in hindsight, the embarrassment disguised as reality TV was definitely a red-flag. I'm going out on a whim and saying that MTV has gone down the shitter, and if you don't believe me, take a look for yourself:

That is correct. This isn't Fake News. MTV's weekly lineup consists of literal hours of Ridiculousness. When the Network decides you've had your fill of Rob Dyrdek and the gang, they hit you with old Adam Sandler movies, and sprinkle in episodes of a spin-off called Deliciousness. I genuinely have no idea what that show actually is, but I promise you the last thing we need after a Ridiculousness marathon is another show reacting to internet clips. Now, don't get me wrong, I've seen Ridiculousness a handful of times. The show's nothing to write home about, but I admit Rob Dyrdek's a fantastic personality, and I'd probably enjoy an episode or two. With that out the way, I'm genuinely curious why MTV thinks we need literal days of Ridiculousness? In all honesty, we can cut out the middle man, and I can just go down the rabbit hole of recommended videos on YouTube and get a similar experience. There has to be better shows to air. Nobody in their right mind can possibly sit down and watch 36 hours of Ridiculousness, and on the off chance you have, i'd love to sit down and pick your brain because you're actually out of your mind.

At first I didn't believe it, but I've taken a look back at previous weeks, and this isn't a fluke. MTV genuinely just plays Ridiculousness 24/7 and doesn't even bat an eye. It doesn't make any sense, and I'm sure it's well within budget for MTV to scramble together and put out a halfway decent show, or even air old episodes of any show that isn't Ridiculousness. I don't even know if MTV's numbers are down, but doing the math in my head, there's no possible way that this can be working. What ever happened to Jersey Shore, or Catfish? I literally don't care what you show me, just give me some sort of variety. I'm no genius, but I'd imagine MTV can pay me a fraction of whoever's calling the shots, and I'll have a big enough brain to throw together a decently balanced air schedule and quit looping the same shit every single day. I can go on-and-on. It honestly doesn't make an ounce of sense, and I've got dozens of questions that need answering.

Is this working? Are viewers actually watching this much Ridiculousness? How many episodes are there? At what point in time will everyone have watched every episode?

It's basically a meme at this point, and I commend Rob Dyrdek for becoming the literal face of an entire TV Network. If you'd like to watch Ridiculousness this week, take a look below for MTV's TV Schedule from 12/28 to 1/03, or don't because it doesn't matter. You can literally just flip to MTV at any hour of the day and there's an overwhelmingly high chance it'll be on.

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