Is Kawhi Leaving the Clippers?

As all NBA Fans know Kawhi Leonard is one of the top ten players in the NBA Today, and at what seemed to be his peak sports media outlets all around the world argued he was better than both Kevin Durant and Lebron James, and for a minute there they may have been right.

Think about it and reminisce for a second, its the summer of 2019, Lebron James is injured and in the West, the Warriors just beat the Rockets the like the 10th time in the conference finals, and after a long season/post season run, after hitting game winners and winning deep playoffs series, somehow the Toronto Raptors who had been cursed for the past 10 years had finally made it to the pinnacle of their sport, The NBA Finals. Everyone and their mother counts the Raptors out, but after winning the first game the entire NBA sits in shock, seeing the Warriors weakened by a team without Lebron James.

It was at this moment, after one victorious Finals game from the Toronto Raptors that the NBA felt fair again. As we all know after 6 games, and injuries to both KD and Klay Thompson the Raptors won the the championship with certified fun guy Kawhi Leonard at the helm. In this moment Kawhi Leonard was the best player on planet earth, sure you could talk all the shit you want about KD and Klay being hurt, and yes it would absolutely be valid, but there's no taking away that one man took down one of the greatest dynasties in sports history, and surprisingly enough and as much as it pains me to say it, his name was not Lebron James.

The season was great, the playoffs were fucking nuts, overall the NBA was as competitive as it had ever been in my lifetime. Seriously, when's the last time a non super team won the NBA Finals? Maybe when the Cavs won but they had Lebron, Kyrie, and Kevin Love so we won't count it... the next best bet would one the Mavericks in 2011, now 10 years ago.

So, as we all know Kawhi left for LA like he had planned all along, which led to the most anticlimactic series of events of all time, the "Battle Of LA" never happened and Lebron James won another ring (Mickey Mouse ring, but still), KD joined the Nets and spent a year on the bench recovering from his achilles injury, and all the other relevant teams plateau'd. This eventually led to the Brooklyn Nets signing Kyrie Irving and trading for James Harden.. forming potential the greatest super team we have ever seen (if you don't think they have the potential to live up to that hype your crazy).

So, here's how things unfortunately look today:

Nets: KD, Harden, Kyrie, and an amazing side cast of Blake Griffen, Lamracus Aldridge and others

Lakers: Lebron & AD

Clippers: Kawhi & PG

Bucks: Giannis

76ers: Embiid & Simmons

Heat: Jimmy Buckets, Bam Adebayo, Victor Oladipo

Rockets: No One

OKC: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and a bunch of scrubs

Raptors: Kyle Lowry and Pascal Siakams Overrated Headass

Celtics: Brown Tatum Kemba

Blazers: Dame and CJ

... you get the point.

Now, Here's how things would've mapped out (probably) if Kawhi never left:

Nets: KD & Kyrie

Lakers: Lebron & AD

Bucks: Giannis

OKC: PG & Russ

Rockets: CP3 & Harden

Blazers: Dame & CJ

Warriors: Steph Klay & Draymond

Raprtors: Kawhi

76ers: Embiid & Ben Simmons

Celtics: Tatum Brown & Kemba

So, what's the point of this whole blog? To show how salty I am that Kawhi proved super teams could be broken, and than tried to make his own in LA with the Lakers younger brother. Being that things are not living up to expectation for the Clippers, I think Kawhi needs to return to where he belongs, which is in Toronto. The dude embodied what it was like for NBA fans in Canada, not the loudest but certainly worthy of respect. If I had to guess right now, it would be Kawhi returns back to Toronto, because at this point why the fuck not, its time to make the NBA Fun again especially if Lebron is going to retire in a few years... but that's a blog topic for another time.