Show Me the Money!

The time has finally come. Steve Cohen flexing his net worth and handing out one of the largest contracts in baseball history to one of the premier guys in the league, Francisco Lindor. Any baseball fan knows that this would've been unthinkable just a year ago. 10 years 341 million dollars is not old Mets money at all. This is more than double the richest contract the franchise has ever dealt out, when David Wright resigned for $138 mil in 2012. Mets fans, we deserved this and it couldn't have come at a better time. Granted, our Opening Day was ruined by the Nationals ineptness in following protocols, but this one is gonna taste sweet for awhile. The real question is now how far can this team go? Their division is stacked, they have a few guys on the IL, and if they do make the playoffs (which they better at this point), the mighty Dodgers will be there waiting. Well all that can wait a few months, at least now on paper the Mets can play with the best of them.

So time to be devil's advocate a bit just because it is the Mets after all. I am extremely optimistic, and I wouldn't be a real Mets fan if I didn't believe that this team has real World Series potential. But, $341 mil over 10 years is an insanely gluttonous investment in a player. And it is pretty funny he one-upped the leagues highest paid shortstop, Fernando Tatis Jr. by one million. However, while the signing is awesome and should set up years of success...this is New York. He has not even played a regular season game in a Mets uniform, but Mets fans, myself included, praise the ground he walks on. That can literally change in a matter of days here. If the guy starts the season in an awful slump and the Mets are losing, the media and fans on social media will be calling for his head. New York isn't patient and it sure as hell isn't Cleveland. This guy will be loved more than any baseball player in the world, or cast aside and hated harder than Luis Castillo and Jason Bay. This is a new era, a new dawn in baseball. Francisco, its your move, welcome to the Big Apple.

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