Simms: Zach Wilson #1, Lawrence #2. Why This Isn't the Worst Take Ever

Ok settle down, I still would take Trevor Lawrence #1. I think the majority of GMs would agree with this, and I fully expect him to be drafted first overall in April. However, some people, like Chris Simms, think of BYU QB Zach Wilson as the best Quarterback in this year's class. If I were to rank the QBs, I'd have Wilson at two over players like Justin Fields and Trey Lance. I think Wilson is an elite talent, who possesses great arm strength, mobility, and accuracy. I think the fact that he's only 6'3" and Lawrence is 6'6" is why I would choose Trevor. Lawrence also has the big game experience, something that Wilson doesn't have. That's really all that separates the two in my opinion. Lawrence has some mystical appeal to him that people can't pass up, which I totally agree with. They call him football Jesus for a reason. I was front row at the BC Clemson game his freshman year, and I saw him walk on the field for warmups and you could tell that you were in the presence of greatness. That is what you want from a franchise QB, and that's why I would take him at #1. But don't make the mistake of saying Wilson isn't up there with Lawrence talent-wise, man has a chopper of an arm.

Expect Lawrence to be the first player off the board in the 2021 draft. But don't be surprised if Wilson follows him at #2, he's that good. And this take shouldn't have caused a Twitter fire storm. The actual worst take in this list is Kellen Mond at #4. Yikes...

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